The Jingdong denied home in February 10th to stop national business t is sheer fiction

IT home message on January 12th before the media broke the news that the Jingdong’s O2O (Online To Offline Online to Offline online / offline) business will be closed, the Jingdong official reply said the matter does not exist completely, from the positive response to the closure of the rumors, the Jingdong said in detail reports, after the Jingdong will be in respond to internal communication.


before the news shows that Jingdong’s O2O life service platform – Jingdong home will close service in February 10, 2017. There are a number of Jingdong insiders and industry insiders confirmed that Jingdong came home in fact, as early as a few months ago has stopped the service, a complete cessation of business is actually a matter of time.

in the Jingdong home "national service business communication group" we see, management staff released news shows, "because the company’s strategic adjustment, business strategy will be on-site service outage, service line will agree to set up in February 10th. Thank you very much for your support, understanding and tolerance".


April 15, 2016, Jingdong has O2O group announced that the subsidiary’s Jingdong home and Crowdsourcing logistics platform "dada" with a final agreement. It is reported that after the agreement takes effect, Jingdong will come to Jingdong business, Jingdong group’s business resources and $two hundred million in cash for a new company about 47.4% of the shares and become a single largest shareholder. In the new company management structure, the original dada CEO Philip Kuai Mr. CEO will serve as the new company president, Mr. Wang Zhijun will serve as the new president of the former Jingdong home company.

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