Liu Qiangdong April 28th is defined as Jingdong distribution staff day

news April 28th, billion state power network that Liu Qiangdong published today in the Jingdong internal letter said, April 28th every year is set up as a "Jingdong delivery day", to express gratitude and respect for employees.

Liu Qiangdong said that in order to ensure the rights and interests of front-line distribution, Jingdong will provide higher than the industry standard salary, improve the welfare system, and provide more space for promotion.


is the following internal letter:

dear brothers and sisters:

recently our first division came the good news, first obtain Chinese green Jingdong logistics warehousing and distribution benchmarking enterprise honorary title; then we Sichuan Langzhong distribution team won the national postal administration of the "best courier" team title, they had just received the award in the Great Hall of the people this is all! Jingdong operating line brothers glory. Jingdong Distribution Department of the brothers in ten years of wind and rain has been passing the positive energy, for themselves, but also for the Jingdong to win the respect and applause!

today is April 28th, the company decided to set up the day of this year, Jingdong distribution staff day, it belongs to warehousing, distribution, customer service, after-sales service, and all front-line employees of the day. The company hopes to set up a Jingdong distribution staff day to express gratitude and respect for the first line of brothers, to advocate all Jingdong, and even the public to give front-line workers more understanding and respect!

distribution is a core part of the Jingdong user experience. Our delivery is not just to send a courier, but sent a warmth. I hope our guests each received the parcel, feel the Jingdong is a full of youthful spirit, positive and aggressive company. The work of each of our distribution is not a simple manual labor, is a great service for the customer and dignity of the work. At the beginning of the business, including me, all employees of Jingdong, are in line for customer service, are in communication with the customer, the era of each of us is the last mile practitioners.

Warehousing, distribution, customer service, customer service department of

Jingdong are from scratch, come out one step at a time, over the past ten years, we explore in the hardships with no predecessors, as can be imagined. The distribution of Jingdong in 2007 officially launched, we have only 10 staff, 9 years later, the total number of employees of our distribution line has reached 60000 people, the entire logistics department, regardless of efficiency, or the customer experience, are the industry benchmark, speaking of them, many customers are thumbs up. The first line of the Jingdong brothers bear the responsibility for hundreds of millions of customer service. It turns out that they did a good job, they won the trust of customers!


to the front-line brothers have a special feeling, will find a variety of opportunities and we meet every year, the wine, talk about home.

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