Shenzhen grassroots shop in Fontainebleau was 8 million VCS

"we are not successful, the long march is just the first step." Recently in an interview with the Shenzhen Business Daily reporter, one of the partners in the Shenzhen shop in the song of the crown of the world’s success, does not agree with the. Compared to sales of 100 million shop, the registered capital of 1 million 600 thousand yuan in Fontainebleau can be said to be a veritable grassroots shop. But it is the first to get Taobao online venture capital shop.

8 million risk investment, let the company founded in Shekou, just on the line in mid July this year, Taobao women’s shop, you become the object of attention in the Internet industry. This shop business model what is unique in not yet famous before they get VCs favor? For countless hopes in the network round poineering dream "grassroots gens", its success can be replicated? This will lead a new round of venture capital shop tide


grassroots shop attracted venture capital

Lady First, Office Second "(the first woman, have a passion for the work), this ad hanging on the Fontainebleau website, accurate interpretation of the location of this site: mainly for the 25 to a 35 year old female fashion brand office. Click on the content of the site, this shop is full of French style clothing, fashion style elegant fashion line, the price is mainly in the 500 yuan.

"we feel that e-commerce is a hot spot in the future. So I want to try a friend." Self proclaimed "Taobao new" Mr. Song said, select business women, is based on a thorough and rigorous market research. We have considered the electronic products, maternal and child products, but was later denied, the final selection of women." Song believes that although the women’s market in the fierce competition on Taobao, but the characteristics of women’s clothing is strong, if there is a fixed customer base, not easy to fall into the price melee.

VCs choose us, and our team has a great relationship." Mr. Song said, Fontainebleau shop core team consisted of 4 people, including 3 people in the country’s top Internet Co with 5 to 10 years of work experience, one of the main person in charge not only opened a shop on eBay, Chinese is the first batch of online sellers, added after witness the whole process of entrepreneurship. In addition, Fontainebleau is responsible for a supply chain colleagues, in the traditional clothing industry has more than ten years of work experience, especially good at the integration of supply chain and store marketing. At present, in their team, whether in network operations, network promotion or in the field of customer service professionals have a responsibility.

Shenzhen city four polymerization electronic commerce research center expert Li Tong believes that the current in the field of electronic commerce, want to venture a good model is not hard to find, but find a rich traditional clothing industry experience in the Internet and e-commerce has long experience of the team, very difficult. Fontainebleau’s professional team is an important reason for them to stand out in many grassroots shop.

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