Chinese com and Chinese CN that good

do Chinese domain name for two years, there are always friends to explore this issue, Chinese com  and   Chinese cn  that good?

I summed up a few points for your reference.

1.  the com  and CN access Chinese; Chinese, now Chinese cn is normally accessed in IE6, and Chinese com because the IP address is blocked and unable to access. In November 2006 the first two are equal, all need to install the plug-in to normal access, com access Chinese need to install the versign plugin (for forward through the middle IP address, Chinese CN need to install the CNNIC Chinese Internet software.  in November 2006; CNNIC DNS on root Chinese CN modified (CNNIC modified DNS, CN this way, regardless of whether your ISP modify the DNS server, because the working principle of DNS layer analysis, ISP DNS cannot resolve does not matter, all return to the root DNS CN to analysis, which makes Chinese.Cn not installed plug-ins, and no access Chinese.Cn browser support case), while IP is unable to access, In order to Chinese com in IE6 cannot access.    but ICANN at the end of 2006 IDN test, after the test, when the Chinese.Com has become an international standard, then the Chinese.Com will achieve DNS resolution.  note: the latest news about the IDN laboratory test:

2.  cn  in Chinese; vigorously promote CNNIC, and each big fueled registrars, enterprises have been gradually recognized, and started to use a large number of.  COM as the registration and use of the largest international top-level domain in the hearts of the people that the position is not a suffix can be replaced, there are still a large enterprise by com, so the enterprise registered Chinese com very much, and in the use of the.  is also very much; I collected a small part of the enterprise in the use of the domain name Chinese for reference. idndeal/blog/category/%D3%F2%C3%FB%BD%A8%D5%BE

3. Chinese com to ICANN management, ICANN is responsible for the Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, generic top-level domain (gTLD) and the national and regional top-level domain (ccTLD) system management >

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