Shop owner in case of refund scam loss of more than ten thousand yuan

Information Times News (reporter Liu Jun Xu Ziqiang correspondent Qiu Su Wu Qiong Yang Minghua) and a new online shopping scam, but this deceived is a careless shop owner! Guangzhou Haizhu police recently destroyed a online shopping refund form shop operators fraud fraud Gang, the gang arrested all 6 suspects in Heilongjiang city of Harbin province. Preliminary uncovered involving the city’s 16 fraud cases. Police advise, as far as possible with the third party platform for online transactions.

shop owner in case of refund scam

in March this year, the Haizhuqu District Public Security Bureau police station received 1 Huazhou bizarre refund scam alarm, the alarm A Hua said: "they are 1 shop owner, some time ago there were 1 customers to buy a 10 thousand yuan to the clothing on the internet. After the customer said he is online shopping novice, not Alipay, asked if I can pay by transfer to the bank card, then put on without my bank card account provided to the customers. 2 minutes after my mobile phone received a transfer message to notify the bank, the customer according to the contract to my bank account "to" 10 thousand yuan of money.

about 5 minutes or so, the client will call on the phone anxiously said to me, his girlfriend had just returned home, he know directly through the bank card transfer payment, he lambastes him, said in the online shopping can not transfer directly, but through the third party platform transfers. This will ensure that shopping, I put the money returned to him, and his girlfriend through the Alipay account payment to me. In the customer’s repeated requests, I just put him through the transfer to my refund provided him with the Alipay account. Later I found that he had not been paid on Alipay, also can not contact, then check their bank accounts, only to find each other before the payment no arrival, just turn out in their own money. But I do not understand why the bank will receive a text message that the customer has been transferred, I suspect that the fraud."

The police went to Harbin and arrested a liar

after receiving the report, the Guangzhou Haizhu police immediately dispatched elite police task force composed of the investigation, eventually locked the relevant suspects this new telecommunications fraud Gangs: the fraud gang in Heilongjiang Harbin settled, a total of 6 members of the gang.

in Heilongjiang in April 20th, with the support of the local police, the group will be Internet cafes are crime Zhang Moufeng (male, 24 years old) and 6 men from Heilongjiang fraud gang members are all arrested.

payment and no actual arrival, but sent bank customers have transfer notification information, and then shop operators by each other in the form of fraud refund 10 thousand yuan, what is it? In fact, because the suspect does not enter the correct account information provided by the owner, the payment is not the final actual arrival to the owner of the bank account.

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