Baidu CN domain name and new sites included explanation

One event succeeds another. recently, various forums blogs have burst out of the webmaster complain that the CN domain name of the rejection of the new sites included the time, some station home he was K and so on, Baidu estimates to cycle…..

…In the face of such mighty

Public clamor can melt metals., webmaster mood swings and media attention, Baidu relevant responsible person made the positive interpretation of.

in the network finally

asked: how to treat the problem of CN domain name

?Answer: Baidu

never CN domain name had exclusive claim to all domain names are alike, except for special regulations like GOV, EDU and other special domain. We don’t think the CN domain name has no value, we reject it, as long as the site has the same high quality content and structure, we are the same of course, in recent years due to the CN domain name included, the price, this is a reason, some owners use this opportunity, specially built some garbage sites such as horse hazards such as users of the site, is bound to stop them. Hope that the webmaster can clear this point.

asked: why now on the new site collection cycle will be so long?


" strict is the love, the width is ", we want to harm; responsibility, safety and quality of the network can not turn them away, for new sites, we included time depends entirely on the site itself, if the new accord with everything included, this is not a problem. If you stand for a long time have not been included, whether consider the site itself the problem? For a new station, we need to have a period of it, in this period of performance is often Baidu spider to climb your site, so the site early, some suggestions to the webmaster, can focus on the construction of the website itself. We love the original article, we love the high quality of the site, if the site does not update the content during the examination period, we will love you the spider is.

Q: recently Baidu big update, there are a lot of stations are K, what is the reason for this?

answer: This is the reason for the site itself. Baidu in the collection, reward, punish the site has a specific rules. Since your station is K, should be more to consider their own factors.

asked: Baidu is a competitive ranking, I would like to ask whether it is necessary to go Baidu commercial track


answer: This is confidential, without explanation. Every enterprise has its own marketing mode, but there is one thing you can be assured that no matter what Baidu Road, not its properties, or in the constant search for the best way to search for the user to provide more to search the answer. Several years later, or you can use Baidu Search, " You’ll see. "


More… (omitted)

in fact, we can see that no matter how the search engine strategy, no matter what the problem, we can first ask themselves, which is a problem, but not

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