Express collective price was halted and the contradiction between the electricity supplier intensifi

express company to get rid of the low price of this label is growing in intensity.

recently, a number of courier companies in Chongqing because of the existence of alleged manipulation of the market, the price hike was halted local price bureau. It is understood that the country less than half a year, including 3 different places in Chongqing, including the occurrence of the event of joint price increases from 3. Although the last was halted by the local price department, but the courier companies are in a strong signal to the outside world – we want to price!

behind the price increases, the contradiction between the courier industry and its close ally electricity supplier is further intensified.

more than the price hike was halted

recently, twenty-first Century economic report reporter from the Chongqing Municipal Price Bureau official website informed, Chongqing Yuantong Express Co. Ltd., Chongqing Shen heavy Day Day Express Ltd (Shen Tong), Chongqing Sunyard Express Services Limited (pass), Chongqing Mai Kawasaki Express Co. (remittance), Chongqing Chang Yun handling Limited (rhyme), Chongqing Chongqing Chang Express Services Limited (every day) and other 6 enterprises, involving the Chongqing courier company uniform prices incident.

Chongqing Municipal Price Bureau said, the 6 price adjustment before the courier company jointly held several price coordination meetings, and in August 1, 2014 to improve the delivery charges unified in collusion to manipulate the market price behavior. Subsequently, the Chongqing Municipal Price Bureau also issued a rectification notice to the 6 courier companies, requiring the immediate cessation of illegal behavior, otherwise it will be subject to severe price administrative penalties.

in accordance with the relevant regulations, the practice of these companies is indeed inappropriate.

in July 31st, the State Post Bureau issued a "express bill (Draft)", although the last is still being determined, but this version is largely representative of the attitude of regulatory levels for the courier industry.

specifically express business enterprises shall not disturb the market order to implement behavior, including express collusion to manipulate the market price, damage to other business express business enterprise or the legitimate interests of users".

however, long-term observation of express industry in the South River to accept the twenty-first Century economic report said in an interview with reporters, the price for the express industry is tantamount to a good news: "first, that in the region of the courier companies have recognized the bad price competition of enterprises; secondly, price competition has indeed made serious business losses or even a threat to the enterprise third, the long-term survival; price competition for enterprises to improve the quality of service is weak."

it is worth noting that, in the case of a number of courier companies in Chongqing before the collective price increases, the courier industry is not without a precedent price.

early in April this year, Xiamen City Express Association once to local enterprises launched the "Convention" of Xiamen city express market price self-discipline, establish uniform minimum price mailing, trying to use the Convention in the form of transformation of the express business losses.

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