Seafood online purchase new fashion Shanghai diet

with the growing maturity of the Internet, online shopping has been integrated into people’s lives, changing the traditional way of shopping. Before the Internet to buy shoes, clothes, digital products, is not new. Nothing is too strange., live sea universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, also can put on the network sales. Chinese since ancient times, " said, " table delicacies from land and sea; the modern people’s living standards improve, the seafood is rich in protein, low cholesterol, a variety of trace elements, compared with meat for human nutrition and health is more superior, has become the main table cuisine, but to eat imported seafood to the expensive hotel or restaurant taste.

recently I found that began to boldly explore some of the traditional enterprise, the seafood do the sale on the internet. The online purchase of fresh seafood than the store more choice, better understanding of seafood nutrition and every kind of practice data, a company called home fresh distribution network, become Shanghai vacated born family eating hot, attracted major media coverage and the concern of risk investment, house fresh distribution to innovation, meet the needs of families in Shanghai, began planning an unusual at the same time perfect sideways trajectory.

it is understood that the house is fresh distribution under a sea aquaculture company specializing in fresh aquatic products wholesale, sales, farming, e-commerce for the integrated network technology team, based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong and other large seafood market. The ambitious, specifically for high-end hotels and home delivery service. All aquatic wholesalers create a set of trade, logistics in an efficient and convenient online shopping platform seafood. To provide users with agent procurement, door to door delivery through-train service.

has learned, is a fresh seafood, so they can do this, the house of fresh distribution order, the day of purchase, the same day delivery, as long as the user login ( I want to eat seafood, the seafood selection click into the website shopping cart or a phone call, they will take you to buy the goods immediately send a car to your kitchen, is this your delivery today.

interview with reporters, Shanghai Pudong Mr. Liu, he was his girlfriend a birthday party, want to do some dishes seafood to entertain relatives and friends, from which to choose high quality and inexpensive and distressed, go to the seafood market far away relatively. He listen to friends on the house of fresh distribution network, he told the author house with fresh water inside the product is rich, can choose, also presented every kind of practice, in accordance with the instructions on the website can make delicious food, more than the market price to ensure the quality, preferential. The morning of the 10 he in online orders, at 4:20 in the afternoon, they saw the house of fresh seafood to put with a car, but also cash on delivery, the heart is very dependable, on the spot to seafood is alive and kicking. The online shopping experience makes him a special memorable, saving money and time, but also to increase the friendship of a nutritious meal.

industry analysis: online shopping market, never a lack of opportunities, the key is to have the courage to open up the courage to live in the traditional distribution of the traditional network of things that can not be completed, by

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