Tmall clothing merchants who did not sell these brands two years


] March 25th news billion state power network, Tmall recently announced the 2016 China Merchants brand library, billion state power network found that men’s and women’s brand investment compared with last year did not change, and many of them are still blank in Tmall.


billion state power network compared the 2015 and 2016 merchants brand, Menswear brand investment unchanged, a total of 73, so far, Alohafromdeer, Halfgirl, Gas monkey garage three brand has not related products.

Alohafromdeer is Poland’s most fashionable brand, founded in 2012, there is no official sales channels in the China, only a small amount of sea Amoy website sale.

Halfgirl is a fast fashion brand in China, founded in 2015, has been settled in Yoho! Buy.

Gas monkey garage locomotive is the American brand of domestic awareness is still very low, billion state power network did not find its sales channels in china.

similarly, women’s brand has not changed, the total amount of 74, of which there are 31 brand vacant (summarized below). Billion state power network found that these brands are about 2/3 is an international brand, a general store in the country, but no official online sales channels.



23 (EN rivard)’s famous fashion brand, suitable for 25-35 years.

TOKYOSTYLE for successful women.

at present, the two are only stores, there is no Chinese official website, online purchase channels are mainly purchasing.


Club Monaco · Musharraf; Lauren group’s brand, Hongkong ImagineX group (Imaginex Group) has the exclusive rights in Asia, has opened a store in the mainland, but no official online sales channel.


COS and OtherStories H& the high-end brand of M group, but the popularity is far lower than that of H& M, only cable shop.


IBlues, PENNYBLACK Italy MaxMara (max Mara) group of fashion brands, the latter twenty-three brand series, did not set up Chinese official website, but in the Tmall search MaxMara can find related products.

UNEETO1997, born in Italy, a famous textile industrial city of Florence, has not yet entered China

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