Pat new strategy can let Taobao 0 growth

I horse: Pat new strategy conference, Jingdong group vice president Pat network president Kui Ying Chun said, they don’t like Taobao standard, because Taobao is too big, Pat was a baby.

in fact, it is impossible not to do comparison, the media will be compared, businesses will be compared, Ali and Jingdong they would compare with Taobao, pat after eight years of struggle, now, pat for a master, but the opponent or that one.

attend the full conference, with electricity providers feel a lot, not free to flirt with them one day.

before the formal discussion, we need to clarify what is the new strategy Pat:

patted by the Jingdong took over after more than two months, was held today on-line conference, expressed in the traffic distribution, users share platform, rules and other initiatives, to change the current health China C2C ecosystem, the majority of sellers unable to profit status. Contains three points:

first, the flow of subsidies, in addition to a large number of pat to buy resources, but also to give advertising in the station outside the business subsidies by 1:1;

second, users and data sharing for businesses. One of my pat channel, will be used to identify the user label, recommend the corresponding business, rather than the use of information asymmetry accounted for users.

third, together with the seller to discuss the rules of the platform, while emphasizing the elimination of fake.

pat change the traditional mode of electricity supplier Taobao


in the media conference, with the electricity supplier to ask a question:

patted with Taobao model is the same, is still the center of the business platform model, why Taobao can reduce the traffic cost? The high cost is because customers belong to the platform, does not belong to the shops, pat fundamentally solve the problem of


is asking this question, because Lin Chen is vice president of operations pat (the original intime network CEO, the advantage of goods management) in his speech stressed that businesses in the pat promotion fee will be far lower than in other platform costs, if one million of sales, in the 300 thousand he platform promotion fee, but in the pat 100 thousand, just enough, and you, the one hundred thousand promotion fee, will give you compensation.

it sounds like a good idea, but because I wrote "Taobao, the most ruthless format", "big suction gold" business strategy two articles, so an open platform for the study, a little.

The open platform

businesses in the operating costs more and more high, this is because the retail industry focus on the decision of the search is the main way to bring traffic, but in Taobao, customers are not belong to the store, is a Taobao, Taobao is a traffic dealer role in essence, is the consensus of the industry.

but Lin Chen said, not pat reselling traffic business model, because relying on Tencent and Jingdong, so pat, can lower the cost with.

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