About 120 million of the world’s registered domain names are used for trading

      the World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectual Property Organisation) said recently that the whole world has registered 120 million Web sites, in the domain business company holds a considerable part of them.

      the agency warned that cybersquatting is from single site registration, to registered computer controlled large-scale advertising intended to.

      a new trend is the use of computer software to automatically register the expiration of the domain name, and then point it to the portal, to attract "pay per click advertising.

      World Intellectual Property Organization is particularly concerned about the development of proxy domain name registration services. The organization pointed out that the generic top-level domain name cybersquatting arbitration system needs to announce the identity of the website owner.

      in 2006, the world intellectual property organization received more than 1 thousand and 800 cybersquatting arbitration application, an increase of 1/4 compared to 2005. Since its establishment in 1999, the organization has solved 9400 domain name disputes, of which 84% of the cases the plaintiff won.

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