Eight ministries dismemberment C class electric consumers will suffer

recently, the NDRC, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Taxation, SAIC and other eight ministries issued a notice to Taobao sellers and Taobao consumers have brought some troubles and concerns. Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhejiang and other e-commerce market will be fully developed in the region this year, the electronic invoice trial. This marks the end of the electronic commerce fish farming period, the authorities began to catch the net. This is one of the largest fat fish C class electricity supplier who are Taobao, and the next class B electricity providers who began to steal the music, while C class electricity supplier consumers are also about to end the good day. Legend, the implementation of electronic Invoicing helps to protect the interests of consumers, that we are to the right or to be affordable? Can have the best of both worlds? (Wang Liyang /


electronic invoices into the inevitable trend who is the biggest beneficiary

used in the Taobao consumer bargain with the boss or points of small gifts, accustomed to Taobao’s affordable, accustomed to no matter Taobao businesses to invoice, custom Taobao businesses in order to praise cordial service. However, after the relevant departments of the entire network of electricity providers after the tax, the price will be less affordable in the past. Insiders said that the electricity supplier has become a blank area of tax and important fake sales channels, increase tax regulation is the trend. In 2011 the country’s online retail transactions amounted to 805 billion 980 million yuan, so considerable e-commerce market has become a dessert tax revenue.

business can protect the interests of consumers being taxed? To protect the interests of consumers and business is directly related to tax? C sellers are not registered in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau E-seller, after the business tax, the seller is not "registered"? Taobao in small sellers account for only a very small market share in the electricity market, many small sellers rely on Taobao to maintain their livelihood, the implementation of the tax they will introduce some policy support? C class business is taxed, will certainly lead to the platform on commodity prices, the final of this part of the money or by consumers to buy, so the interests of consumers will be able to get good protection? The implementation of tax policy in the electricity supplier, Taobao Taobao sellers do not benefit consumers benefit little, who is the biggest beneficiaries? I believe that readers understand? I hope the relevant departments to launch some of the electricity supplier taxation policies, step by step implementation of the electricity supplier taxation, for there happyharmonious electricity supplier taxation road.


C class business slaughtered the electricity supplier B class Touzhaoyue

authorities began to levy taxes to the electronic commerce market, the electricity supplier C class in the face of bitter blow, and the electricity supplier B class but in touzhaoyue. The current e-commerce market which, when shopping on the B class electricity supplier website, will generally receive the invoice, and in the class C electricity supplier shopping, if you do not need to explain in advance the invoice is basically difficult to receive. The implementation of business tax policies in the relevant departments, if the way across the board, all electricity suppliers have to pay the invoice, then C class business survival of the price advantage will be weakened, while B will steal in the music business. As B>

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