Husband and wife micro business highest monthly sales of 3 million

has failed to start the business of Zhang, with the help of his friend Zhu Zuanlei, decided to start again. This time, the two partners to do cosmetics micro business, starting from 100 thousand yuan, the highest monthly sales of $3 million, all the way to the taste and the joy of success, laid the foundation for their love.

entity store investment failure, with a partner to do micro business partner

in 2013, just graduated with a friend in Jiangsu Zhang opened a beauty salon. However, before long, a large number of early investment and high market positioning, let beauty soon caught the dilemma, ultimately unable to continue operations.

Zhang Su admitted that he was too young, did not expect the difficulties and risks of entrepreneurship. Burdened with high debt in a customer from the mouth to know the micro business venture Road, just as she suffer from financial pressure, as a friend of Zhu Zuanlei asked her to lend a helping hand.

he was very concerned about my situation at the time, on the other hand is also very optimistic about the micro business, so took out 100 thousand yuan as the original capital of our joint venture." Zhang Su said.

went to the streets to seek to add WeChat, with the "stupid" approach effective powder

back to the opening of the first day, sent 20 express situation, Zhu Zuanlei still visible before the eyes. Zhang Su smiled and said: "because at that time also express a single are handwritten, results I put the customer’s address to the wrong."

wrong address is a small problem, not long after, two people also encountered a bottleneck more. Due to the small number of people in the circle of friends in WeChat, it is difficult to continue to expand their market.

Zhang Su thought of the most stupid way to go to the streets with each passerby to introduce their products, and add WeChat friends. Zhang Su said: "although it sounds very soil, but the effect is very good, but we often encounter some special interest, through a period of contact and understanding, become our partner, we become friends and even some."

husband and wife team work, monthly sales of


earn more and more hard, this sentence is used to describe the micro business is not wrong. Zhu Zuanlei said that the micro theory of working hours are 24 hours a day on standby, only when you are in a longer working state, the more convenient for your customers. "Receiving orders, delivery, inventory, statistics, there are a lot of these every day we have to do, the key lies in the micro business will you suffer."

from 2013 to October, Zhu Zuanlei and Zhang Su micro dealer business really started, monthly profits from a few thousand dollars first, gradually climbed to 20 thousand yuan, while last year, their highest monthly sales have reached 3 million yuan. Zhang Su told reporters, from the beginning of March last year, they spent only a year, they paid off all the debts before.

all the way together venture, Zhang Su and Zhu Zuanlei knot for the couple, and now also set up >

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