Electricity supplier O2O nternet and local life services you have to earn money at the door

Internet era business about "borderless" (Vernacular: no product can’t go away). On this point, I believe the sea Amoy family experience deeper: Germany’s tool, Canada and Australia, the United States folic acid milk chocolate, as long as the heart + action, soon a few days, and then slowly but a few months, those from other kids will come across the ocean, give you a Big surprise (surprise).



, Amazon, wish, LAZADA, Jingdong these cross-border electricity certainly played an important role: the culture and language of different parties connected to the goods from the distant place to another, finally to meet the laws of different countries, business and foreign exchange policy to the settlement, the inside of the doorway three days and nights, skills and stories also cannot say.

but today, we have to talk about the business side, take a look at the local living services imagination.

recently, according to local life platform "neighbor fun" completed the tens of millions of dollars in B round of financing, by Qiming collar vote, IDG with the cast.

adjacent fun team is located in Shanghai, in August last year to get angel investment, in May this year to complete the IDG collar investment, the grand capital with the investment A round of financing.

angel from the turn of the turn of the B round of financing, "A" development momentum quickly, and steady pace. Arguably, whether purchasing or door-to-door, are no longer what happens, "O fun" brings imagination is "buying" a word.

"according to" hurry to what extent? It is said that compared with other similar platforms around 1 hours delivery time, delivery speed of adjacent interest in an average of 35 minutes. Is very urgent, not only the common German and Japanese good distant water puzzled thirst, the transfer of goods from Puxi to Pudong I’m afraid it is too late.

seems that the radius of this local life is very narrow. Indeed, the founder of Liu Weili said, the user can "neighbor interest" to buy within three kilometers around the takeaway, fruit, fresh, convenience stores, medicine and other multiple immediate needs of categories of goods. After the interest of crowdsourcing courier received orders, will go to the nearby shops to get the goods, and then send the door within a specified period of time.

this can not help but let us think of the other side of the ocean DoorDash, adjacent fun mode and DoorDash is very similar, are using their own driver + center scheduling model.

is different from the other Crowdsourcing platform to grab a single mechanism (spell speed), the system will be based on the distribution of member of the GPS position, the current workload (have no orders), the average speed of delivery, customers rate and other factors to ensure the unified deployment, at any time can have a deliveryman near and orders.

DoorDash started with only his own driver >

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