Jingdong 3C11 11 crazy 2 hours report released sales exceeded 3 million 610 thousand

November 11th 2:00 3C, the Jingdong "crazy 2 hours" huge benefit activities perfect ending, made a brilliant record. 11 0:00-2:00 during the period of two hours, Jingdong 3C crazy total sales of 2 hours to break through the 3 million 610 thousand, an increase of 135%. Among them, mobile phone, computer, office, entertainment and other intelligent digital books category gains astonishing success, once again confirms the dominance of 3C industry Jingdong.

"crazy 2 hours" period, traditional strengths category of computer office overall sales of a new high, the whole category of overall sales exceeded 1 million 840 thousand, year-on-year sales growth of 270%, only 1 minutes and 35 seconds, sales exceeded 100 million mark, record again! Lenovo also deliver the goods won the title, DELL, ASUS, HP, followed by samsung. Category categories: total sales exceeded 99 thousand units, of which the game book and thin sales growth is obvious, the total sales of the game category exceeded 35 thousand units, the total sales of this category exceeded the thin film of 28 thousand units. Peripheral category total sales of 420 thousand, sales in October average daily sales growth of 560%. Total sales of the mouse category 180 thousand, of which the mechanical keyboard sales exceeded 17 thousand, the continuation of the legend, rapid growth. Computer accessories sales reached 510 thousand, display sales exceeded 120 thousand. Jingdong printer category sales reached 56 thousand, Jingdong office supplies category sales exceeded 580 thousand, Jingdong projector category touted, sales growth in October average daily sales of 680%!

mobile phone communications Jingdong also made outstanding record, two hours total sales exceeded 410 thousand units, sales rose 200%, 3 minutes and 38 seconds sales topped 100 million yuan! At the same time, millet, HUAWEI, Apple, LETV + glory and Meizu gains the top five sales, Apple, HUAWEI + glory, millet gains the amount of sales of the top three.

intelligent digital category performance is also very strong, 5 minutes and 40 seconds sales that exceeded $100 million, total sales exceeded 1 million 360 thousand, sales grew by 200%. Intelligent product sales exceeded 330 thousand, sales grew by 272%. Camera sales exceeded 30 thousand units, sales grew by 178%. Tablet sales exceeded 48 thousand units, sales grew by 189%.

This book is more

entertainment category joined Jingdong "crazy 2 hours", also made a lot of achievements, the Jingdong Book entertainment during the double eleven books per capita amount up to 16 of the "crazy 2 hours" total sales tax in November 10th compared with an increase of 496% compared to November 10th, the total sales ring than an increase of 475%. As of November 11th 8, the Jingdong is 618 year total book sales revenue growth rate of 107%, the total number is 618 year sales growth rate of 105%.

and in the close relationship with the life of the consumer travel business, 11 to 6 points, ticket sales grew at the same time last year, the same period of 700% of the same period, the hotel business grew by 826%, "crazy for 2 hours" Hotel >

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