Taobao saved my life

I also want to

only a short while ago, my life is just like this, to get to work on the wages of ordinary cannot ordinary over my life, but I am not willing to do, why do people have the car I do not, I do not have the luxury of others to live, I do worse than others?

is always not reconciled to their psychological activities, but that every bitter punch is to continue. I do management in a small commodities wholesale market, wages also so small businesses are usually three thousand, send me a little petty, I make it so much, but between merchants and merchants who break things trifles stirring in my headache.

last summer, there is a market to sell underwear small businesses Xu aunt told me to introduce the object to me, in fact I am single for so long, have a girlfriend already very light, now many girls marry you are to have real, I don’t have a car no room, many you have failed. But in order not to Xu aunt face, or promised down.

agreed to a good day, I advance dressed himself, and then went to the agreed Cafe waiting to the cafe soon saw my blind date, the eyes bright, absolute beauty, more beautiful than the picture. In fact, at the time of the inspection, two people meet each other or embarrassing, introduces their beauty, called Zhang Hui, working in Dongguan, some want to come back to the idea, Xu aunt is Zhang Hui’s aunt, know she has this idea to help introduce object, want her to stabilize. Let me feel the accident is that when Zhang Hui learned that I did not have no room for the car, did not show anything, but the light will say later. I do not know if this is not set down, and then I and Zhang Huiping are also linked, chat is no matter what the itch topic. But what is certain is that if such a beautiful woman with you, you must have money, so I have to pay close attention to money!

contact Taobao shop is also a coincidence, one day in August, with 2 people to sell the old building men Li Naxiu air conditioning, just hit the old Li Zaimang, also is not to say how many guests in his shop, but his store several express. Often can encounter run logistics wholesale market, the courier did not see more, then go after the old Lee and others chatted up, he said he opened a shop in the Taobao online now, business is good, sometimes more than the store shipments.

after listening to my eyes, think what, and Lao Li said the idea, and come out at night to eat about li. Lao Li night with his sons, Lee was always very straightforward, because this character offended some businesses, the contradiction between them is also I have to wipe my ass, so I am very grateful to li. At dinner time, Li said shop in Taobao’s idea is his son to come out, and the implementation of the plan. Lao Li’s son know I want to shop fast money idea, is also directly to me, I want to open a shop, but money is not fast, advised me to buy a shop. Lao Li’s son with my analysis, I now keep so many sources.

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