WeChat since the break O2O Micro shopping stiff and die big brand evacuation

in the Jingdong micro shop, pat micro shop, praise, etc. MSI is popular today, few people remember the Daming Lake, "the Tencent micro shopping. In May 2014 the Tencent to the Jingdong’s business package at the same time, micro purchases WeChat group, since then there has been already without hearing a word about, the dissolution of the rumors.

days ago, billion state power network noted that the Tencent micro shopping in the product has been showing many signs of "death". Including, Rimula men Romon, Septwolves Qiushuiyiren, many have used micro shopping large brands have switched to the other micro shop system, micro shopping entrance Giordano will jump directly to the mobile phone version of the official website.

brand after another escape to join the micro shop

billion state power network is noticed in the research process, the number of the original public Romon flagship store bound Tencent micro shopping has been replaced by the Jingdong (micro shop but the shop is not on any commodity), micro shopping entrance has led to Rimula men’s pat micro shop background page.

Rimula micro shopping entrance jump to pat micro shop background

Septwolves’s two WeChat public number "swjeans" and "Septwolves" have Shiwei shopping benchmark for customers, at present, swjeans has switched the micro shop system Septwolves own development, the original Septwolves micro shopping entrance click Show "system update, which will be on the line".

Micro shopping mall

Septwolves prompting system is updating

Septwolves insiders, Septwolves is currently the system switch, from the micro shopping system for Septwolves own micro shop system.

informed sources, although there are many brands, such as Vero, Moda and other textiles are still continuing to use the micro shopping system, but more or less with other public access to the other micro shop system. Billion state power network linked to the vice president of bestseller clothing group Lin Qiao, which said that the current micro shopping mall Vero Moda in normal operation, and the effect is good.


Vero Moda said its micro shopping mall operations normal

why "faithless"


a brand WeChat official pointed out that the lack of micro shopping orders is the most obvious reason. He said that its brand of micro shopping mall has long been no orders.

in 2013, the micro shopping system is actually very advanced, and soon access to first-line brands, to seize a lot of offline resources. But the facts show that the main business model is more suitable for the concept of micro channel shopping O2O, join the line under the execution of the model, the degree of cooperation is more weak, it is difficult to push up." The person in charge

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