Dangdang com home page Jump tail collection of overweight clothing sale channel

sina science and technology news March 24th afternoon news, Dangdang today will be the main domain name dangdang.com from the previous integrated shopping navigation page, jump to Dangdang tail product exchange channel home (v.dangdang.com). The tail collection is a sale channel dangdang.com, mainly low-cost sales of some brand clothing etc.. Dangdang.com insiders, the company will jump to the domain name "sinks" channel, is part of the company to strengthen the sale of services, there are other plans for the company’s future.

last May, dangdang.com launched the "tail goods exchange channel, and hope to sale for the main features of the vip.com direct competition. Initially, dangdang.com "sinks" channel to brand sales service, shoes and bags, including Levi’s, GXG, Mango, Nike, The, North Face and many other well-known brands have hit the line counter 70 percent off or even lower discount on dangdang.com tail collection. With the rapid development of this channel, Dangdang is also a low-key book, home, such as the introduction of the category of "product exchange" platform.

tail goods exchange as a channel to get the identity of dangdang.com station resource support, is likely to mean, dangdang.com hope and vip.com clothing platform competes, and seize more market share.

dangdang.com insiders, the dangdang.com internal annual strategy conference, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing overall strategy in 2014 will be summarized as "offensive", "tail collection of strong low-cost strategy may be an important bargaining chip dangdang.com launched the" attack ".

after 9 quarters of losses, Dangdang in the last quarter of to achieve profitability, and similar to the end of the exchange of such open platform business, in particular, the apparel business to achieve rapid growth. According to the current growth rate, Dangdang expects clothing category sales in 2014 is expected to exceed the book. (Xiao Ran)

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