WAL MART holdings electricity supplier 1 shop held shares to nearly 51%

party secretary Yu Zhengsheng met with U.S. Wal-Mart Store Inc president and CEO Mike yesterday, WAL-MART and Shanghai e-commerce enterprises "shop No. 1" cooperation and welcome in Shanghai Chinese start WAL-MART e-commerce platform.

Yu Zhengsheng said at the meeting, opening up is an important advantage of Shanghai development, globalization is the main trend of world economic development, only the integration with each other, mutual cooperation mutual competition in their respective areas of strength, the world economy will develop better. Shanghai is speeding up the construction of international trade center, we must vigorously develop e-commerce, pay close attention to and promote the development of new business models, such as online shopping. We are very supportive of WAL-MART and store 1, the cooperation, and I hope that the two sides will achieve good results in cooperation.

Mike said, will further strengthen cooperation with Shanghai, influence of online shopping demand brings to the business model, to promote the development of WAL-MART in Shanghai e-commerce business.

city leaders Ai Baojun, Jiang Liang attended the meeting.

newspaper news (reporter Chen Wei) the world’s largest retail giant WAL-MART department store announced yesterday, has completed the investment increase Chinese electronic commerce website "shop No. 1" holding company, WAL-MART shares rose to nearly 51%.

"shop No. 1" is one of the fastest growing China business platform, currently has 24 million registered users, sales of more than 2 billion 700 million yuan last year, online sales of nearly one million kinds of goods, including food and beverage, beauty care, kitchen cleaning, baby toys, household appliances and Home Furnishing books etc.. By holding the number 1 shop, WAL-MART quickly entered China’s electricity supplier market, yesterday, many of WAL-MART’s products have appeared in the number 1 shop on the site. WAL-MART strategic cooperation with "1 shop", the Chinese business enterprise understand WAL-MART rich global retail experience, technology, innovation of e-commerce solutions, as well as the world’s leading supply chain management experience.

, vice president of Shanghai CPPCC Pudong New Area mayor Jiang Liang attended the launch ceremony yesterday.

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