Buy world melee in the online showdown in the line

buy site continues to emerge, the group of people has led to a huge increase in people’s interest in research. What mode is so popular? How is the final who is the winner? How can we win? Today we have this new type of ethnic group purchase mode of e-commerce are discussed: the line of scrimmage, eventually winning found online! The same online mode is very much, but to finally, every product has great group purchase website different. The quality of the next line of the company decided to buy long-term website!

buy online melee online


group purchase network has blossom everywhere. According to reporters incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 1 thousand, only in March to June, the birth of the three months of the time of the more than and 400. Today, the site is still growing at an alarming rate. The birth of these sites have different soft power, and the development of uneven in quality.

What is the

business model so to have so many fans? The answer from America Groupon speaking. Groupon from November 2008 on the line every day in a city launched a single product, through a larger discount price to attract Internet users to buy the consumer, buy objects involving food, beauty, fitness and film services. Simple profit model allows Groupon to use only a year and a half of a record $1 billion 350 million valuation, and only six months to achieve profitability. Through a variety of network channels, Groupon mode to the home, the day before the domestic group purchase mode is almost same from the page design to the marketing concept and so on. Although China’s Internet model has almost all traces of imitation, but such as buy so much in such a short time to achieve replication, it is rare. The reason, the industry generally believe that the main reason for the low threshold to buy a website. Invest a few thousand dollars can do a buy site." Buy world founder Ma Zhihong said. At the same time, buy the site using the first pay, re consumption of the business model, the short term will be able to bring the cycle of capital flows, which makes the lack of capital entrepreneurs excited, like a gold mine.

also worth mentioning is that venture capitalists also joined the camp to buy the site. June 17th, the handle network revealed that once again get $5 million venture capital Jinsha River. Plus $5 million from angel investment institutions and other institutions in Taishan, handle network accumulated $10 million in venture capital. In addition, including buy the world, the United States and other groups to buy the group website is in contact with venture capitalists. Capital is ripener, is expected to accelerate market incubation. The involvement of venture capitalists, so that the market to accelerate the purchase of white hot. Personally, I believe that the Chinese market is large enough to buy the market, the birth of a few in the Chinese market to support the listing of the group buying site is not a problem." Buy world Ma Zhihong said.

but after a short madness, the drawbacks of the Group buy site also exposed. Buy site does not allow us to enjoy the service." Buy a lot of people who complain about the experience, buy site price greatly reduced, its service >

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