Seven days no reason to return in Shanghai real landing

reporter Xu Yanfei

Morning News hearing of the new "law" enacted a year, no reason to return seven days to implement in Shanghai will be better. Yesterday, Jingdong, Suning, No. 1 shop business in the Consumer Protection Committee of the relevant forum will confirm before March 15th of this year, the payment page prominently on the seven days no reason to return the situation described in the commodity information page and check out, "one person, one thing a confirmation, in general, consumers will specific product pages, payment page to see many eye-catching" seven days no reason to return note.

according to reports, the city consumer protection committee accepted the complaint cases show that many online shopping return disputes are often caused by asymmetric information. The new regulations clearly, according to the nature of the goods should not return the goods, the operator should be a significant way to inform consumers, and set up tips, take measures or technical means for consumers to confirm. This is also called "one thing one confirmation"".

is the new "law" to enhance the operability of Shanghai, the newly revised "make further provisions eliminating" thirtieth ", the seven days no reason to return regulations really landing". Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee of 18 enterprises do business organization and the Consumer Protection Committee of the relevant provisions of the new "online learning" consumer, has held two seminars each business enterprise on the implementation of new "fire" for the exchange, to guide the business enterprise of active network marketing system to be improved in order to meet the new requirements of "fire", highlights the protection of consumer rights.

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