To build 50 thousand Langsha underwear brand micro shop Commission at least 2%


] August 14th news billion state power network, Langsha underwear brand recently released micro business declaration ", said to build 50 thousand micro shop, the product online sale channel right open to global entrepreneurs.

billion state power network has learned, at present, WeChat users can have WeChat directly apply to become a public number Langsha distribution member needs to submit information, including name, address, mobile phone number, micro signal etc.. According to the official introduction of the Langsha, will provide more competitive for the WeChat distribution member of the product price, each sales by at least 2% of the proportion of drainage fee.

It is reported that currently has

, Langsha in distribution system on the line balance of 90 products, support the user selection and distribution of WeChat, including stockings, socks, underwear and other items, commissions are usually less than 10 yuan.


for a lower price if the line under the impact of channel price system, Langsha derivative responsible person that do not need to use the low price in exchange for Langsha one-time purchase of the customer, "we need to be able to multi frequency, zero distance communication user".

micro business Langsha distribution model responsible person said that the 50 thousand micro store is the starting point, at present, there are already more than 20 thousand entrepreneurs are attracted to the micro shop platform Langsha on. Not only the micro shop Langsha as sales channels, but hope for social communication through 30 thousand micro shop."

it is worth noting that, Langsha also said that if the user needs, Langsha is also interested in the micro shop platform for the introduction of other brands.

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