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June 23rd, the author in view of several domestic O2O companies, inadvertently found around the home of the site has not opened. Page shows that you visit the site failure, 9 seconds after the automatic jump to Sina cloud store. Then I consulted a number of industry insiders, the response is: side home is really gone". At night, the author also called Zheng Lei, founder of the home side, Zheng Lei confirmed that the site has been closed, said the station off for personal reasons.


domestic side, first appeared in the media since May 2013, after a number of media reports after a time of domestic subversion vertical platform intermediary voices can be heard without end. Along with the home side of the same period on the line as well as e home cleaning, aunt help and other Internet projects, they rely on the mobile Internet, based on LBS to build a direct docking user and aunt supply and demand, short-term goal is to kill the intermediary". In the middle of last year to the end of the year, the domestic O2O companies were bustling, the traditional intermediary seems to be about to disappear. I have also visited a number of domestic O2O enterprises, basically get the message is: the traditional home intermediary companies will be replaced by O2O, but there is a process.

in my opinion, the traditional forms of domestic intermediary stores demise is a trend, it’s time for Internet companies can not be toppled before the traditional intermediary run out of ammunition and food supplies, and some intermediaries have been aware of the critical situation, and actively cooperate with the third party platform. So in a period of time, the traditional intermediary and Internet companies still have a period of coexistence. This period of coexistence for both the two sides of any party are crucial, any party hold will face the fate of put up the shutters. Side home apparently did not stand this hurdle.

What are the problems of


The basic logic of

Internet business is in the project profit before the first circle of users, when the number of users accumulated to a certain amount will have a bargaining power, whether it is domestic institutions or individuals, should not be ignored the value of entrance flow. Zheng Lei see huge opportunities of idle resources in the creation of domestic side, whether 58 or go to the market, or Taobao, most of the trading platform is the goods, if there is a skills based trading platform, the market prospect is considerable. Zheng Lei expected to be able to cut into the skills from the domestic market, while domestic is relatively simple cleaning hours from the start.

faces the first question: where does the home care aunt come from?

entrepreneurial early, Zheng Lei solve this problem is to go to the suburbs or villages to send mobile phones. Since this model is defined as the beginning of the mobile terminal LBS APP, so both sides need to have mobile devices. Home economics, aunt generally low quality, there are many aunts will not use smart phones. Zheng Lei’s idea is to educate aunt side, by sending mobile phones and get orders to sell their spare time to get income. In my opinion

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