New domain name ly com for the same way to bring the net value of return

new domain name for the same way to bring the net value of return

March 2014, the same way network CEO Wu Zhixiang in the new ten year strategy conference, announced the same way network enabled by love net to buy back a new domain name At the same time, the same way network brand name has changed to become the same way travel. This is an important step in the same way network into the leisure travel market. The next ten years, with the way network will be based on scenic spots and the surrounding self service business as a starting point to the rapid growth of the mobile Internet as an opportunity to build a national leading leisure travel service platform.

The two letter domain name is

new domain name is the best, the domain name in January of this year by the well-known domain name service platform love net success from overseas purchasing. Recently often see some Internet users, especially users love tourism in various forums, such as some local Post Bar travel stickers, many of which are mentioned in the same way network, and the domain name, meaning the input is convenient, accurate, is received the majority of tour pal’s favor. With the way to spend huge sums of money to acquire the two letter domain name, get the value of return.

love net ( as the leading domestic domain name registration and trading platform, successfully helped numerous companies to repurchase the good domain, looking forward to the next and more Internet counterparts.

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