Ma announced the introduction of an independent online shopping system Taobao strategy

Research shows that

iResearch information network released "2008-2009 China online payment industry development report", 2008 Chinese online payment market is developing rapidly, transaction size rose to 274 billion 300 million yuan from 97 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 181%, the Internet become the fastest growing industries, which have benefited from online shopping, online payment using rate. Data show that in 08 years the depth of user scale is only 20 million, Internet penetration rate of less than 8%. iResearch believes that with the Internet users cognitive advantage to online payment and online payment increase in a number of industry intensive application, believe that the proportion of online shopping users will increase significantly, so to build a good online shopping platform is currently in the network the heavy.

Taobao, eBay and other traditional C2C trading platform for many functions of the public platform restrictions, higher marketing costs (PU picture warehouse train and other inputs), the lack of independent customer resources, no personality, no independent brand, malicious price competition, "passive marketing and so on so many disadvantages of the loss of chance. Since then, the independent shop to show advantages: platform independent and autonomous management, strong function, good expansibility, convenient popularization, free brand to avoid malicious competition, reduce the contrast for each big search engine search etc.. So the emergence of the new independent shop has been widely respected, the domestic shop, online mall program to ShopEx, ECshop, ECmall, V5shop, Hishop for the mainstream, the most extensive audience, the most influential, most users.

The Chinese people love the

ShopEx online store system is the most practical, powerful, user-friendly design and ease of use and leading technology services and other advantages, coupled with the ShopEx increasing exquisite template, application of popular domestic electronic commerce sales platform, accounted for 90% of domestic market shop. More than that, because Taobao and shopex jointly build, now Taobao Pu and shopex have independent shop system realizes data exchange, unified management, complementary double shop marketing mode, you can use online sales platform popularity can also establish own brand.

in the domestic independent shop market has become increasingly fiery, as a well-known veteran Internet based service providers of the Chinese name (, ShopEx, V5shop, and has Hishop and a number of independent shop system provider, established official strategic partnership, the purpose is to let the domestic well-known shop and shop business enterprise host system together, the establishment of mutual trust mutual visits, to provide the most powerful and most competitive online service for the majority of customers shop. From the Chinese name on the website is a one-stop shop system construction project, from the domain name registration application host, pre commercial authorized shop system (optional Chinese version, English version, traditional Chinese version) to support the number of customer service and business template set of exquisite gifts, highlighting the independent expert host industry reputation shop. The majority of enterprises, network operators, and saw the opportunity for online shopping.

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