The world’s largest fashion electricity supplier announced 5 years of development plans have said wh

mainly talked about the 6 aspects of the mobile terminal, international expansion, etc..

London time on July 6th, the world’s largest luxury electricity supplier Yoox Net-a-Porter (post YNAP) released its 5 year development plan.

September 2015, Italy fashion electricity supplier Yoox and British fashion electricity supplier Net-a-Porter announced merger, at present, it has Yoox, Net-a-Porter, Mr Porter and The Outnet 4 electronic business platform. Another business group is responsible for the luxury brand Giorgio Armani and Lanvin official business platform operators.

"Five Year Plan" wrote: the next year, Yoox Net-a-Porter to ensure that net income in the growth of 17% – 20%. YNAP from the mobile terminal, international expansion and other 7 aspects of the "Five Year Plan" to explain.

1 new products:

The scope of the new

products include not only to get the brand authorization after the sale, but also its own brand products.

and Mr Porter in Net-a-Porter such as the quarterly update on the fine jewelry and watches.

Mr Porter will launch its own brand, at the same time, YNAP’s discount platform The Outnet own brand Iris & Ink also plans to increase sales.

2 emphasis on mobile terminal

"we intend to continue to lead the luxury electricity supplier industry through the mobile terminal advantage," said YNAP CEO Federico Marchetti. The company plans to focus on the mobile terminal to improve the conversion rate, increase consumer participation and increase the time to open the page".

according to the "Five Year Plan" shows that over the past 5 years, YNAP’s sales on smart phones exceeded all other devices.

3 consumer personal business

YNAP plans to use consumer data to customize the business, as well as further "localization"". The most important thing is to provide the perfect service for a better consumer experience".

, for example, take Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter, the most valuable consumers will be on the localization of the App to get a private shopping guide to help, including some fashion advice.

4 Middle East and China are important international expansion markets

in April this year, YNAP sold a value of 1 >

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