The king of battle invincible Jingdong 3C 618 lead 3C industry consumption trends

June 18th 18:002016 3C 3C and Jingdong 618 battlefield consumer trends conference held in Beijing headquarters of Jingdong. 3C Department of Jingdong, Jingdong President Hu Shengli 3C computer office business department of the mining sales department and data traffic operation Department responsible person Ren Tao, 3C Department of Jingdong digital business department general manager Yang Qikun, 3C Department of Jingdong audio books business department general manager Yang Haifeng, general manager of Jingdong Taikehubu Song Chunzheng and hundreds of well-known media representatives attended the meeting. The press conference, the Jingdong announced the 618 3C during the sales data report to the outside world. At the same time, Jingdong 3C division president Hu Shengli also announced by the Jingdong data platform analysis of the 3C consumer trends, the trend will lead the future of the 3C industry a strong wind to the standard.


3C leadership team collective debut

report 18 days 618 Jingdong 3C total sales exceeded 36 million

conference, Jingdong 3C division president Hu Shengli and 100 media share sales data of Jingdong during 3C 618. Hu said that since June 1st 00:00 to 12:00 in June 18th, Jingdong 3C overall sales exceeded 36006909. 3C category brand sales TOP10 list: Apple, HUAWEI + glory, millet, Lenovo, Samsung, Meizu, HP, Canon, DELL, music as.

report released: mobile phone brands

contention of a hundred schools of thought

00:00 from June 1st to June 18th during the period of 12:00, millet, HUAWEI glory, Apple + won the Jingdong TOP3 brand mobile phone sales, is located in the 4-10 brand are Samsung, Meizu, LETV, 360, OPPO, Lenovo, zte. Jingdong TOP10 mobile phone sales of a single product from high to low is Meizu Charm Blue Note Apple 3, iPhone 6S, Note 3, millet red rice and red rice millet 3, LETV le 2, red rice millet 3S, millet 5, Apple iPhone 6S Plus, Max V8 and the glory of millet, millet mobile phone will be 5 seats in the bag TOP10 in the mobile phone has become the biggest winner in the best-selling single product. In the price of a single product sales ranking, with a series of red rice millet, Meizu with charm blue series, a total of 1000 yuan of the following segments occupy more than half of TOP3 single product price.

in the 618 year period the increase in sales of mobile phone brand rankings, OPPO, plus a mobile phone and vivo were 583%, 375% and 284% of the high sales growth won the top three; in the 618 year after, many brands of Jingdong in a Jingdong in the mall, these years of brand, LETV Mobile phone 360 and deliver the goods won. During the 2016 618 upstart brand sales top two, becoming the 618 year battle the most powerful mobile phone two horse. "

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