Office supplies electricity supplier upgrade revealed three trends in the future

with "hot Internet" concept, the traditional industries is accelerating the net. Among them, there is an industry with an annual sales volume of more than one hundred billion yuan, but has been relatively traditional, when it and the Internet to fusion, will burst out amazing energy, this industry is the office supplies industry.

in the United States, Staples became the second after the Amazon B2C electricity supplier in the office supplies business, once in the nation’s ten largest electricity supplier, has three office supplies business, which is sufficient to show the development space of office supplies business. The reason, the current Internet is mostly consumer Internet, and enterprise market has undoubtedly greater consumption capacity, office supplies as an important consumer goods enterprises, most of it is to need to continue the consumption of consumables, so huge space. But Staples in a year Chinese category sales of around 600 million, today announced an effective 2015 Jingdong has exceeded 1 billion yuan in the Jingdong intends to brand sales! That plug in the wings of electricity from one side, traditional industries will fly in the sky in Chinese.

today to join the Jingdong effective on-line Jingdong office life Museum, appears to be an innovative page, but revealed the prelude to the change of office supplies, but also indicates that the three trends of future development of office supplies business.

office supplies market has gone through three stages. As early as 1 times of the traditional retail line, the main face of that time is the black box operation problem. There have been industry sources, an annual purchase of around 100 thousand yuan of SMEs, due to the price of the supplier is opaque, a year on the cost of office supplies procurement on up to $20 thousand. In addition, there is a problem with the sale of office supplies line is subject to geographical, limited category, quality varies. Overall, this stage office supplies retailer relied on the "relationship", this also means that the flow of a sales staff, will lose a number of customers.

is the second stage of the online sales of the 2 era, the Internet eliminates the middle of the dealer links, but also to make the information becomes symmetrical and transparent, corporate office supplies into the sunshine era. At the same time, because of the infinite space line, also let the enterprise can get more abundant goods, in this era of competition is the abundance of goods and price level, office supplies electricity supplier relied on the "platform", they hope to achieve a one-stop office supplies online mall. However, this stage is just the initial stage of the electricity supplier, just to move the product from the line to the line, the customer can not be personalized service and many other issues.

from Jingdong and the office of the office of effective cooperation, you can see the office supplies electricity supplier is being upgraded to enter the 3 era. There are at least three trends in this era, worthy of our attention. One trend is the scene of the Jingdong in the 3D office, living museum, enterprises can visually see the scene guide such as "IKEA", according to the conference room, financial room, reception and other different scenes, choose the right goods office. Scene is a typical Internet thinking, is no longer to sell >

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