Ma controversy the spirit of the border behind the aura of business

is positive for IPO and just run into the Ali group, the South China Morning Post remarks storm chairman of the Alibaba board Ma suddenly embroiled in a commercial and independent hot events.

is due to its recent visit to Jiangxi Qigong master Wang Lin move. Ma and Wang Lin et al in the photo was posted on the Internet after the low-key "master" exposed to public opinion, the media, anti pseudoscience, people have joined the ranks of Internet users to expose their claudia. Recently, after CCTV exposure, Wang Lin fled to Hong Kong and do self than the recent popular character "Snowden in exile".


Wang Lin is not the first to be "Ma.". Three years ago a long road for Li Yi, and Ma linked and paid more attention to. Even a myth of Li, Ma still had to make the public opinion and inconsistent response to "Li is a man".

once again involved in the master storm, Ma recently responded on micro-blog, said: human beings are easy to own limited scientific knowledge to self righteous judgment of the world. Science is not truth, but science is truth." Ma stressed that excessive addiction and faith lost faith are superstitious, today we are the latter".

this time to visit Wang Lin excuse remarks lead to more controversy, so that friends, the giant network chairman Shi Yuzhu to Zhaobu, known as "Ma is with curiosity to find flaws" Wang Linjia observe the empty bowl becomes the snake show flaws, and urged everyone to "don’t be too serious".

is hard to guess "true love Ma Xun Xian said that the motivation behind: perhaps for his release and one of the management ideas for inspiration, perhaps only spare the remainder of curiosity, or are looking for answers with no reality whatever’s disappearing act. These small private storm may soon bring up the past, for the Alibaba’s business image on the whole is harmless, but as a commercial public figure, Ma may need to reflect that the words and deeds of why frequently controversial


cloud technology founder Cheng Lingfeng believes that Ma Yun’s troubles come from his ambition. Ma, if only as a businessman, business, no one will do Ma said too much. The key problem is that Ma has other ambitions, always want to get higher than the status of businessmen, which makes him very concerned about reputation, reputation, but so often caught in the storm.

, however, the body is not a reflection of personal problems. Blog China founder Fang Xingdong said, the Internet entrepreneur Chinese field there are a lot of people in the grass-roots origin, is the Internet trend driven forward, in just 10 years or even shorter time to get high social status and reputation, all too well that hasn’t started to adapt and to control their own social influence.

Fang Xingdong said, under the objective conditions, entrepreneurs are entangled in the state, collective faith. China’s Internet development is too smooth, and soon grow, (some Internet leaders) began with the traditional industry >

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