Facebook will allow the use of PayPal payment services

    Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 19th morning news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook said on Thursday that the company will allow advertisers and users through the eBay PayPal service to pay advertising costs and buy some virtual goods.

Facebook said advertisers will soon be able to use PayPal payment services, through the company’s online advertising tools to pay the cost of the Facebook Ads program. Facebook said the move would be particularly attractive to companies outside the United States, because payment programs in these markets may be more difficult and expensive. Data show that about 70% of Facebook’s 400 million users are located outside the United States market.

addition, PayPal will also become an alternative payment services Facebook Credits. Facebook users through Facebook Credits to buy virtual goods on the site, such as the purchase of goods from the Facebook gift shop.

Facebook payment business leader Dan · Levi (Dan Levy) said in a statement: "we hope to provide a way of quick and reliable for Facebook users, advertisers and developers to buy all of our services."

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