Guan Peng grasp WeChat open platform to create a new model of micro electricity supplier

first settled WeChat beauty said APP applications become a new visitor, followed by the stampede in numerous applications. In May 15th, WeChat officially opened the qualification of registered developers, third parties can open platform in WeChat’s official website, through the registration application, access to proprietary APP ID upload application, you can wait for the system audit.  

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it is reported that any developer, you can apply for WeChat authorized APP ID, unconditional call, share these are called infrastructure network. WeChat’s core base, and by sharing and sluice out all kinds of APP, developers can quickly enhance brand awareness, or early realization of business value and profit goals. WeChat because of the addition of open elements, is becoming a link to a variety of Internet products and the realization of content in the relationship between the flow of the chain of basic services".

currently open platform interface and documentation on the are very detailed. Official update to the open platform interface is relatively slow. Estimated mainly in the upper part of the public platform WeChat, the operation and adjustment. However, it is reported that the authorities will continue to open some recently do not open the interface, such as web content sharing to circle of friends. Just did not release eligibility applications, the next will be released. There is no doubt that the circle of friends is undoubtedly the most fire of WeChat social system.

open platform WeChat has spawned a WeChat ecosystem by the platform, developers and users to build: WeChat provides the interface and data to developers, developers arouse imagination and passion; developers use these interfaces and data advantages, promote quality application; the user actively try products, has better and more application.

recent WeChat public platform also make WeChat more popular, so that each user can build their own media platform, the influx of a time hundreds of media companies and institutions, will be here in addition to micro-blog officer outside the open to become another big internet marketing battlefield. Tencent official said, WeChat positioning of the public platform is to provide users with a new interactive mode of communication, such as the media, businesses, and through the free platform to create a new reading mode and experience". And after the introduction of a strong public WeChat number of new micro electricity supplier O2O model has also become the object of many experts touted. At present, Tencent is also in force to create a new model of WeChat +LBS+ + + + + + + + chain, and has achieved initial success.

In addition to

, the use of WeChat custom reply businesses are more and more. As is known to all, the WeChat public platform can not only send a single message a day, the certification number is up to only three of the mass

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