Tmall announced the creation of cultural and industrial cooperation plans to build the world’s large

September 17th, Tmall officially released the cultural and creative industry cooperation plan, joint books, film and television, art, sports and other pan cultural film and television entertainment industry, to create the world’s largest copyright derivatives trading platform.

Alibaba group retail business group president Zhang Jianfeng said, the domestic derivatives market has great potential, but uneven in quality products. This year, Ali integration under the platform resources, open up the film industry link, through the "Internet plus creative mode and actively create global economic development and genuine derivatives, diversified marketing mode.

through the integration of Ali group’s resources, Tmall will cooperate with the cultural and creative industries, the ecological construction of multi copyright, copyright parties to help complete the brand investment, design and production, commodity sales link closed loop. It is worth mentioning that, in the early Taobao raise public derivatives sales, will help the convergence of popularity, later Tmall will also use the "two-dimensional code stars" plan, source of goods, in order to more effectively protect the legitimate.

in the field of film and television, Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with Disney, KEMET film, Shanghai animation film studio, the company core TV drama copyright derivatives. Among them, Disney’s "brain" team, the Shanghai animation film studio "gourd" "Na Zha" "naotiangong" and other classic works will be presented in the form of derivatives in front of fans.

in the field of books, Tmall and publishers and authors will launch a full range of neighboring authorized cooperation. At present, Tmall has a book and film copyright cooperation with the French classical literature "the little prince" copyright, and the Hangzhou summer island and its author Xia, Guangzhou Tian Wen Kadokawa reached a series of comic derivatives licensing agreement.

in the field of sports, Tmall will be associated with Real Madrid football club and players related copyright cooperation. Prior to this, Real Madrid, Bayern, Munich overseas flagship store has settled in Tmall international.

in addition, with the National Museum, the Van Gogh Museum and other cultural relics related to the copyright of the derivatives are also in the Tmall released this plan.

after Tmall and "the Avengers" 2 "return" and other hit TV drama "has carried on the cooperation, and achieved win-win results with partners. Among them, the "return" in cooperation with the Tmall business paradise umbrella, launched 99 yuan customized design, raise the amount of 2 million yuan breakthrough in the Taobao. In addition to a customized key buckle, one day sales reached 3 million 670 thousand, sought after by the more than 70 thousand.


department general manager Li Chonggang believe that this is the IP cross-border cooperation leveraging brands C2B mode of supply chain upgrading, thus, promote the business cooperation in copyright design to complete the production industry 4 upgrade, get rid of the homogenization of vicious price competition, obtaining more lucrative value return and has a huge role.

public information, usually a movie derivative revenue is 3 times its box office revenue, while the super IP data may be as high as 10 times. Except >

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