The electricity supplier giants incoming agricultural electricity providers can really fire

Abstract: compared to the already publicity multi Taobao agricultural Jingdong in August 11th to officially launch, officially announced its agricultural channel. As Taobao relies on its thousands of counties and townships plan, Jingdong is focused on its County Service Center System Construction and self advantage.


With the rise of "

Internet plus" and the national policy support, the traditional agricultural production enterprises, circulation enterprises, the traditional electronic business platform company have the layout of agricultural business, agricultural business is entering a golden period of rapid development, in 2015 the industry has also been called "China’s first agricultural electricity supplier". The industry is expected, the size of the agricultural market more than one trillion yuan, ten times higher than the income growth of agricultural leading electricity supplier company, is expected in 2016 the total market is expected to exceed 460 billion yuan, agricultural electricity providers will enter a rapid development period.

in this context, agricultural electricity providers also attracted the attention of Internet new forces, Ali, Jingdong and other giants have begun to seize the blue ocean market. In the past July, the two major electricity supplier in the field of agricultural. One is a 280 million acre of land transactions, 9 billion 988 million yuan turnover data after the disclosure, was questioned and investigation of the parties, scalping scandal by the birth of subsidies caused a big discussion in the industry, an acre of land has become the "agricultural business outlet controversial; another pig." is the Jingdong officially launched agricultural electricity supplier strategy, and Chinese fertilizer leader "Kingenta" formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will expand the depth of cooperation in the agricultural areas of business, a 2 billion yuan to build the agricultural business platform "agribusiness 1" will be formally settled mall Jingdong.

therefore, we can see the development of the electricity supplier agricultural fire and the attention of many. But even so, the development of the agricultural electricity providers still exist problems and obstacles on the road to many cleaning, and can solve the short-term.

is not really fun agricultural electricity providers

1, farmers credit habits seriously do not meet the traditional business model of

agricultural credit has been the industry’s ills, many local credit is becoming a kind of habit. While crunching is the electricity supplier transactions, this stage is the rise of agricultural electricity providers is no exception. How to get accustomed to credit farmers with cash to buy agricultural credit problems, how to break the ice, is decided whether agricultural electricity providers is a key point of success.

form 2, online shopping habits of farmers face burn


online shopping spending habits of farmers, is a long process, relying on the meager profit price war is not enough to win the hearts and minds of farmers". The main goal of user of agricultural products is growing large, retail, professional cooperatives, agricultural base, according to their propaganda, good user habits, and the formation of considerable flow, this is a big problem to solve the agricultural electricity providers. It is foreseeable that it will be a burn project. "

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