Electricity supplier three giants have sent home appliances online shopping price was pulled down by

daily news (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) in the drive industry leading goal, the strength of business enterprise. Yesterday, shopping search Amoy network the latest monitoring data show that nearly a week, by Tmall, suning.com and other Jingdong mall, launched the "history of the largest price war, the average decline of 3C digital home appliances category more than 15 thousand items for 20%-35%.

Tmall Electric City announced 3 days ago, invested 200 million yuan to set off the "crazy summer season" promotion, electrical products through flash sale way, group purchase price; Jingdong mall quickly announced to spend 500 million yuan for appliance sales; at the same time, suning.com in the billions of dollars in profits to the limit, once again hit the price war into 400 million yuan.

Amoy network price index monitoring system shows that the price war in the fight, the big three overall price index declined in the week. Among them, the Tmall price index fell 0.2%, the largest decline; suning.com and Jingdong mall price index also fell 0.08% and 0.05% respectively. A Amoy network analysis, said Jingdong mall to join the price war late, the latter price index may decline further.

from the beginning of April, 3C digital and electrical goods prices continue to decline. After the outbreak of the current round of price war, the industry’s top three electricity supplier giants all involved. Therefore, we expect the next one or two months, including air conditioning, television, ice wash products and other commodity prices will continue to decline." A scouring network analysts do not think that, as the price war continues to deepen, 3C digital and electrical commodity prices online shopping average discount rate is likely to fall below 25% off.

at the same time, the price war to stimulate consumption began to appear. Yesterday, Tmall Electric City released data, in the history of the largest price war "broke the two day, the United States, Haier and TCL three brands launched their conversion, fixed speed air conditioning, to achieve the lowest line, trading nearly million.

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