Domain name is like a woman’s skirt the shorter the more

is the title of the party, typical of the title of the party! Ha ha, you are suddenly came in, but came in, Take things as they come., advertising the first 200 words omitted..

today’s topic is about the domain name choice, to listen to, as a webmaster you must listen, don’t listen to the consequences is very serious, that is not boiled duck fly, hey hey!


domain from the perspective of investment, obviously a short domain has the advantage of a richly endowed by nature, so the domain name or a price rise, there have been V.COM.CN, O.CN, 6.CN and so easy to remember domain name is famous web applications, 6.CN to more than 1 million of the price of Google G.CN and reuse after the news spread, single letter domain name market can think and. Of course, we do not have this opportunity as a small webmaster, but with the opportunity to seize. The principle of domain name selection is short and short, unless it is SEO to search to see.

domain name is good or bad, for the development of the site has a great impact, especially we do not have any money to the small webmaster, the domain name is more important than the big site. Because the big site to take brand marketing methods, money can also hit a well-known domain name, and we can not, only from the following aspects to choose the domain name:

is a station with your content are closely related, such as I do not seem neither fish nor fowl, the host, when choosing a domain to host hosting, looking for a few days did not find good, then the Shenzhou flying, an inspiration, the external space station of the domain name,, the netizen said that my name very interesting, but com was robbed.

two is easy to remember domain name selection strategy focused on brand promotion, of course, easy to remember domain name, there are a variety of characteristics, such as short, such as meaningful, such as. Wait, you don’t need to say that. Like is a relatively good choice, although the beginning of low visibility, but once it is known, it will never forget.

three is the choice of keywords, especially for small business website domain name selection strategy, because the search engine is very important to the domain name, or Pinyin, or words, or abbreviations, are valuable. According to my observation of several search engines, found that each search engine is not the same as the weight of the domain name, the current MSN may be more attention, and Google has reduced the importance of the domain name index. Baidu is stupid, sometimes I was so good to be surprised. Based on the method of domain name selection, not long, because this website promotion method, is the search engine promotion.

so, sometimes the positioning of the promotion method, directly determines the value of a domain name. Or in the decision to promote the premise of the method to choose the domain name. Often see webmaster friends list a few domain name on the sale, but also the domain name, in the eyes of different people, the value is not the same, you may think of no use, to him, very valuable. Of course, it is often said that the com is better

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