Summary of Summer Hotel Booking report hotel management personnel need to think about the problem


summer travel peak is coming to an end, the authority of the latest analysis report mentioned that the largest number of hotel bookings in the top five cities from high to low are: Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu. There are 17% of the people in Guangzhou on the day before the flight booking and keen to choose high-end luxury hotel, ranked first in the country. In stark contrast to the people of Shanghai, ahead of schedule planning to travel. Data show that more than 40 days in advance booking international hotel, nearly 30 thousand people in Shanghai, accounting for the total number of people, topped the list.


, 45% of people willing to choose a hotel near transportation hubs, 29% of people prefer popular attractions or landmarks near the hotel, 17% people prefer shopping attractions near the hotel, the first hotel location is not said 9% people. In addition, men pay more attention to the price of the hotel, location and transportation, safety and other factors for shopping and entertainment around the edge, while women pay more attention to the hotel’s location, price and other factors for safety, traffic and the surrounding shopping and entertainment.

from the above data report summary: hotel management personnel to think about what problems?

The hotel location

according to statistics, the hotel location affects the hotel post operation in a number of factors accounted for about 60%, the key to correctly assess the location and the Select Hotel has become the successful operation of the hotel. The hotel business place is directly related to the hotel on the tourist attraction of the size of the target customers, so the hotel investors in the hotel at the beginning of the creation of planning, must be reasonable through investigation and careful analysis. From the geographical location, the surrounding environment, traffic conditions, consumer groups, cost factors, such as a comprehensive analysis of the surrounding competitors.

The hotel location

any commodity, market positioning is very important. Take the hotel, is a simple Traders Hotel or business resort hotel or hotel, etc.. The hotel location directly affect the hotel management scale, and the scale of operation will directly affect the design of the hotel. The The Peninsula Hong Kong… Why so famous, the occupancy rate is so high, not just because of the traditional architectural style and advanced facilities. What is more important is that the long history of the precipitation of the hotel atmosphere, no doubt this is one of the important reasons to attract people, and this atmosphere is unique to her, that is, its positioning.

The hotel service

Check Inn Hotel now from the demand for consumption to enjoy the type of consumption, the hotel to provide consumers with personalized service is the future development trend. Enjoy a private swimming pool, watching widescreen TV, wonderful taste wine, hotel intelligent self-service system, robot butler service… Now some hotels in order to give the guests of the hotel facilities Guests feel at home. feeling of continuous innovation, to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately will also enhance the visibility of the hotel, suction >

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