The B2C and O2O of the ghost

electricity supplier in the Internet era, more and more business operation mode emerged, become a law of the development of the electricity supplier, from B2C to O2O, with the continuous development of the Internet era, more and more business model has become an important way to change the business and consumer habits, during which there are a variety of links, from now the B2C has produced O2O, the conversion between the contact has become the trend of development, the new overall, B2C to O2O are inextricably linked, the new marketing model will create a new enterprise and between users.

B2C market sentiment

B2C is the enterprise oriented to the user of the platform, through the establishment of a system of online shopping and their business platform to sell the products to users, online transactions and payment in the form of the purchase process, B2C is an important platform to connect with the user, to increase online sales channels through the integration of business resources. The enterprise resources into the network operators, convenient to realize the marketing channel diversification as well as the user through the fusion of traditional enterprises and the Internet, at the same time through the logistics for the enterprise and the user driven trading escort, which is currently the most popular and mature way, according to the 58 official media survey, 2013 market Chinese retail network reached 18851 billion yuan, Chinese B2C online shopping market growth of 52.5%, the market will continue to B2C Become the main driving force of the online shopping industry. It is expected that by 2014, China’s online retail market transaction size will exceed 27861 yuan, the chain growth rate of up to 47.8%. The resulting electricity supplier development will be immeasurable.

The potential effect of


B2C has become the main Internet business market, more and more industries towards B2C business development, but the market is always changing, consumer tastes is critical, more and more single model has not been able to be full of the needs of consumers, which requires companies to pay more attention to consumers’ tastes, O2O is not only a a focus on user experience model, this model is the key to the enterprise online marketing and offline user experience, or offline marketing experience and online purchase payment, this form is a consumer based marketing model, in this way, the potential for consumers is a guide and promote, except in respect of O2O customer centered concept of consumption, convenient consumer oriented, to subvert the B2C simple purchase and logistics, become consumer oriented The new electricity supplier business.

B2C and O2O

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either B2C or O2O is a kind of business models, are inextricably linked between this model, using the O2O consumer marketing concept, the customer experience as an important way to the development of the electricity supplier, highlighting the customer as the center concept, at the same time, the model B2C as the basis, to logistics enterprises after.

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