Ali before CEO Wei Zhe B2B spring is coming

B2B includes two categories, one is called transaction market, and the other is called enterprise service, I think there is a good chance.


Alibaba before CEO, the current founder of Jia Yu Yuan Wei Wei

I have always believed that the population structure determines the maturity of many business models. When 80 or even 85 years after the enterprise has not yet come to power, B2B spring will not come. Because the vice president of the company may even be 50 after the 60, they use the Internet to do B2B, itself is exclusive. Before doing B2B Alibaba, we see the customer to spend a very long time to introduce e-commerce and the Internet, rather than the first introduction of Alibaba.

at present, the conditions have matured slowly. First of all, after 80 has been 36 years old, 85 are thirty, basically become a company middle-level cadres, they have some decision-making power, on the Internet and e-commerce usage, trust and acceptance in more than 5 years or 10 years ago a lot.

secondly, China has basically bid farewell to the era of rapid economic increment. Previously B class enterprises as long as there is growth on the line, do not need to improve too much efficiency. And enhance efficiency is now a lot of companies dig profits, digging the main source of growth. The combination of the Internet and B2B, does not necessarily bring too much incremental, mainly to improve efficiency. May be even more brutal, is the core of the supply side reform, or to go around the inventory, and even to capacity. When a more efficient platform is born, the elimination of backward production capacity is very efficient – you have to cross the region, across time and space, the efficiency of your transaction, service prices more transparent. These advantages of B class companies, is certainly beneficial, but the weak B class companies are just the opposite.

so, we think B2B’s spring is coming. Compared to steel and other industrial products, agricultural electricity supplier in the field of B2B easier to succeed. We put the agricultural products B2B temporarily into the transaction type. It has three particularly important features.

first, the separation of production and marketing, which is the premise of more successful agricultural products. In fact, in many places, the production and marketing are combined together. For example, Baosteel Group in Shanghai, China is an important source of steel, but Shanghai is also an important consumer of steel. Agricultural products are all separated, a few agricultural products production and marketing together. Sugar is produced in Southwest China, but it must be coastal.

second, agricultural products, the annual output of the season, only produced one or two times a year, when they have to sell every quarter, every month to sell slowly, the formation of time dislocation. This kind of industrial products such as steel and plastic, the timing mismatch is unlikely, steel mills in theory can be 1 years of continuous production of 365 days.

third, agricultural products "size mismatch", usually the seller and the buyer’s body mass is not equal. For example, steel can also find Baosteel and Jiangnan Shipyard, agricultural products

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