Shop 1 denied rumors of the sale or pursue acting responsibility


technology news at noon on September 10th news, according to media reports yesterday from the "transfer Shop No. 1 for bondage again" the news today, shop No. 1, said in a statement, the article in an anonymous way broke the fictional facts, causing readers a serious misunderstanding, the adverse impact on the company’s reputation. Shop 1 will retain the right to take legal action against him, the author of the tort liability.

below is the full text of the shop No. 1 statement:

September 9th, a contributor to the Internet through multiple media platforms with "IT" gossip girl "name, entitled" shop No. 1 for bondage again? "The article is reproduced in a large number of media. The article in an anonymous way of breaking the facts, causing a serious misunderstanding of the reader, and our strategic partner Wal-Mart Store Inc reputation has a bad influence.

this, we solemnly declare:

one, shop 1 and strategic partner WAL-MART has never been in contact with the Huarun group on capital cooperation. This article serious misrepresentation. 1 shop and WAL-MART cooperation is progressing smoothly, the two sides are very satisfied with the current business arrangements.

two, the author of the article is a serious violation of professional ethics, the deliberate infringement of goodwill 1 shop, shop No. 1 will retain the right to take legal action against him, the author of the tort liability.

three, after the communication in shop No. 1, some media have deleted the relevant content, we express our gratitude. At present, there are still some media without verification continue to reprint the article, please readers attention screening, do not believe rumors.

shop 1

September 10, 2014

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