Taobao mall 160 thousand new regulations allow entrepreneurs to stop the cost


2011 0 month 10 days Taobao mall a new deposit is divided into 50 thousand and 100 thousand, the technical service fee is divided into 30 thousand and 60 thousand, that is to say, the initial cost to do a mall stores it would be at least 80 thousand yuan, up to 160 thousand, although the margin was just frozen, but there is no way to use it the funds, which for some big brands, the strength of the business, certainly not what problem, but for many trifles, entrepreneurs, is not a small blow, so many new brands prohibitive in Taobao mall settled in. About 100000 for a small business, has been regarded as a big head of funds.

Taobao mall is no longer the base of entrepreneurs

many entrepreneurs rely on OEM tags to entrepreneurship, preferred Taobao mall Feng Shui piece of treasure, but today, entrepreneurs should recognize this problem, you really want to enter Taobao mall? High price means high threshold, these are the risk factors for increased entrepreneurial entrepreneurs, so today’s Taobao mall is no longer a new entrepreneurial base, but the strength of the brand of the event, of course, for the Taobao mall, for consumers, this is undoubtedly a good news, Taobao mall can be a lot of money, can further improve the Taobao mall brand class, for consumers, can not so much for the tag here, incidentally, in fact, the tag is not necessarily bad products, many Taobao mall selling tag is also very high quality and inexpensive.

Taobao mall is an important tool for profitability has been doing C2C, tried to get the profit through the natural ranking, and was the manager of the collective sniper, Alibaba chairman Ma Yun also had in the Taobao community openly solicited suggestions, and finally had to put the original "plan has also been halted felicitous wish of making money", is also in this battle, gave birth to the C2C platform pat Network Tencent. So, for these individuals, small businesses Taobao shop, you can make a lot of traffic scale, the size of the user, but you want to profit, it is not easy. The key point is that Taobao shop outside stall, fake popular, which is the leading cause of listed several times of failure, has been unable to profit, not listed financing, must be profitable, today has a few profit in itself, but to look at the Taobao brand, since we can not accept fake, then make a brand platform, today is the Taobao mall, from today’s pattern, Taobao mall can more than become a Taobao tool to make money, just a few years time, Taobao mall in relying on, successfully become Asia’s first B2C. It’s hard for individuals and small businesses to ask for money, but they can’t wait to give you the money, because it means they can get more. So Taobao mall today is an important tool for Taobao’s earnings, the price increase, I believe that is also to raise the idea of profit.


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