Womei network Taobao official push new sellers to find new way of promotion

        Taobao new deal so that sellers must consider a new way out

August 31st, Taobao’s biggest seller "starry" CEO Zhao Yingguang in micro-blog complained: "after the Juhuasuan show real discount prices, today to see the sales situation, than in Juhuasuan before, a lot of difference, basically very fierce, almost no longer marketable. Price discount, sales volume is not included in the rankings, such rules, pushing new words, is almost certain death."

it is understood that this new Taobao began in August 30th, said Juhuasuan and all discount products sales records will faithfully display in the purchase records, which makes many rely on low price to participate in activities, the accumulation of sales sellers complain incessantly.

reporter learned from several sellers friends, this time the sellers are the most talked about, is how to deal with this new situation, the seller who invariably think guide traffic and build reputation from external sites.

The person in charge of Taobao mall

is responsible for the category of Mongolian side believes that the new policy to make many sellers must be taken into account by more abundant means of marketing, in order to obtain a comprehensive growth, before by speculation and not the integrity of the transaction can not be a long time. Now there are many sellers through micro-blog and womei network this kind of community e-commerce website marketing.

in the Home Furnishing category top 20 owner Mr. Chen said, he was not completely dependent on such activities, so passive, so now Mr. Chen to see someone using the now popular community electricity supplier community website, micro-blog, and other forums to build their own brands, and can also guide the good deal, myself intend to try.

found that in an interview with reporters, some merchants have the sight of social commerce site recently rise, this kind of platform, through the network of buyers share purchase experience, convey commodity information to purchase the desire, so as to provide a new way of marketing for online sellers.

community e-commerce guidance incremental market

Miss Wu of Shenzhen shop for two years in Taobao, she told reporters that he has begun to try network marketing, she found social commerce site by buyers mouth spread bring communication effect is much higher than the previous buying advertising buy ranking. "I found the shop a blouse sold well, much better than the similar coat, then found the original is a buyer this dress in womei are recommended and share, many users see after forwarding this dress. Then I will introduce in the baby add "womei recommended", sales growth of more than 10% or so than before. Now, I often to womei network around, interact with friends, to understand the preferences of girls and the recent purchase of pop elements, I also have a lot of help."

in this regard, the reporter specially made contact with the womei network, womei network official confirmed that indeed there are many sellers have been.

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