The most remote distance O2O model and channel model of the apparel industry

after the double eleven shopping Carnival – hustle and bustle, many busy shopping online shopping orders up party, not from the double eleven shopping tired of staying up late slow to God, they are upset at another thing. Many of the online shopping party are busy with another thing, that is to grab the goods in time it added to the Taobao platform, return the busyness. According to news reports, a province of the woman in order to save time and cost, even whim, their number is too large to online shopping woolen coat, secretly exchanged for their sizes.

the practice of the consumer is not desirable, we condemn the consumer practice, it should be another angle to think about this issue. Is the electricity supplier platform businesses, in the concept stir electricity supplier, all people will hang in the mouth when the concept of O2O, many consumers are eager to another dream, is to achieve the same brand, how to realize the brand stores online and offline merchandise to return. How can consumers be able to achieve their own online shopping desire?

many consumers dream is on the way of consumption, online orders, store the line to get the goods, size or other quality is the reason to return processing of goods, consumers can choose the nearest returns processing at a distance of the nearest stores and counters. There is also a kind of, that is, the use of courier delivery service, this way of thinking about the drunk online shopping is really fantastic.

but the reality of life is always more brutal than the dark dream life, there is an insurmountable brand marketing gap between online clothing brand shop and online shop. The choice of additional brand clothing shop in the electronic business platform, needless to say, the brand strength and financial strength are limiting its development. Including those physical stores, retail stores across the country’s major shopping district brand stores, most of the brand stores can not meet the consumer’s dream of fantasy shopping.

now business platform more hot O2O mode, is the use of the online platform from the online payment, delivery orders, return to the next line, is the use of online payment, express transportation, online process. Also ensure that the line will be completely independent purchase. For the domestic clothing brand, now completely separated online purchase, line status under replacement service completely separated, a domestic clothing brand sales staff, is due to the current channels to buy online and in store sales, not in the same system, and thus will not have a corresponding contact.


separates the online marketing and offline services operations, can be said to be a pseudo "O2O" mode, the domestic Internet operators eager to pursue the channel change and enterprise brand, are willing to adopt such a relatively simple mode of operation. But this relatively abnormal electricity supplier development model has achieved very good sales performance in the current market, but the express business operation mode, still can not hide the consumption experience on the serious shortage of.


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