GG Adwords sued GG China really legal fraud

      see the news yesterday, said a spokesman for GOOGLE GOOGLE ICP have been approved by the government, while watching the news I was very surprised, ICP license is issued in accordance with the functions of the government departments of administrative examination and approval procedures, rather than an enterprise to get the government issued on the issue, what time will you do award award, GOOGLE control of the Chinese government? I don’t think of it, actually approved and issued two completely different legal relations concept, only issued, the enterprise operating behavior is legal, but not issued approval, its operating behavior is still illegal! We all know that an enterprise must engage in business activities in the legal the scope of business, beyond the scope of operations, which belongs to the national limit trades, or must obtain a business license, but not made, their business activities is not protected by law, < People’s Republic of China Article > of the contract law; fifty-second of the following circumstances, the contract is invalid: the fifth paragraph of the mandatory provisions of the law, administrative regulations. The interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning the application of the "contract law", article tenth, the tenth parties beyond the scope of business to enter into a contract, the people’s court shall not be deemed to be invalid. However, in violation of the provisions of the state, such as restricted operations, franchising and laws and administrative regulations prohibit the operation. Simply that the scope of operation is not protected by law, the contract is invalid.

      why say our ICP has approved the GOOGLE wait? In June 14, 2007, the Beijing A thing has its cause., a netizen Mr. Wang to buy GOOGLE ADWORDS because of fraud and other reasons, the GOOGLE sent to Haidian District people’s court and to borrow GOOGLE ICP flying company, the court formally accepted. Because of this, GOOGLE can say their approval, GOOGLE for two years in China unlicensed activities, in accordance with the China law, the entire contract should be invalid, that is to say, GOOGLE how much revenue Chinese Internet users, Internet users must be returned to Chinese, so Mr. Wang’s behavior belongs to the public interest litigation, but GOOGLE PR really badly, when the news media did not know, he said he is legitimate, what are the purpose? A netizen and the world’s largest Internet company, we can imagine how difficult! In accordance with the China law, enterprises do not have the qualification for operating the case when the contract is invalid, after the useless, we China enterprise no error is the laws of the United States sent millions in the United States, tens of millions of dollars, and American enterprise in Chinese illegal business as long as 2 years but no one tube? Who will protect the interests of Internet users? So GOOGLE you in China for two years of illegal operation, must give Chinese netizens a statement! GOOGLE please don’t say that you have been approved, because you are still illegal in China today!


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