f you do not need to apply for approval or filing online shop without a business license

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Tianyan) people open shop, whether there is a need for the business license of the Ministry of Commerce announced yesterday? "Non store retailing management measures (Trial) (Draft)" clear, only need to provide identity cards, telephone number, place of business (Live) can, without a business license. Draft to the community for comments, deadline is June 5th.

Non store retail

draft, not through the shop, by the manufacturers or merchants will be directly delivered to the consumer goods retail formats, including: mail order, TV shopping, telephone shopping, online store and vending machine (vending machine) etc..

draft mentioned, operators for the natural person, to provide identity cards, contact telephone number, business premises (residence) can be opened without the need to apply for a business license. Reporter contrast Taobao shop rules, practices and draft basically the same.


draft requires that no retail shop operators or related service providers to carry out promotional activities, should be a significant way to express the relevant information. The restrictive conditions, additional conditions and exceptions to the promotion shall be marked in a significant manner. Shall not in any form or reason to reduce the quality of promotional merchandise.

non store retail operators if the violation of the relevant provisions of the commerce department in conjunction with relevant departments to give a warning and may be corrected within a time limit; if it fails to do so, the business sector can be in conjunction with telecommunications, press and publication departments issued illegal operators information to the society.

attached: no retail retail business management (Trial)


1: General

is the first to regulate the non store retailing business, maintain circulation order and business environment, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and practitioners, to promote the healthy and orderly development of non store retailing, according to relevant state laws and regulations, the enactment of this approach.

second is engaged in non store retail and service related activities in the territory of People’s Republic of China (excluding delivery services), the application of this approach.

third of these measures referred to as non store retailing, refers to the retail format by the manufacturers or merchants directly to the goods delivered to consumers. Including, mail order, TV shopping, telephone shopping, online store and vending machine (vending machine) etc..

the term "non operating retail business" as mentioned in these Measures refers to the enterprises, other economic organizations or natural persons engaged in the retail sale of non shops.

the term "service provider" as mentioned in these Measures refers to the platform operator who provides the services such as promotion, display and transaction for the non store retailing.

fourth no shop retail operators and related service providers should follow the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, fair competition, abide by business ethics, fulfill their social responsibilities, in accordance with the law to engage in non store retail activities.

fifth the competent department of Commerce of the State Council shall be responsible for the management of the retail trade of the country. >

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