View the three roles of advertising techniques

we often see some ads, then we first want to identify the role of advertising on the internet.

Advertising on the

network is generally divided into three roles.

1, agent.

2, product operator.

3, webmaster.

For example,

, when we view the flow of our site, often on the counter background to write, 100 thousand yuan cash acquisition traffic, then it contains:

1, he wants to put the advertising operator.

2, he’s an agent.

3, webmaster.

these three roles.

we are doing the network, we must first be sure that it is these three are profitable, if not profitable, then the relationship will not exist.

then we will find agents, and then find him to contact, consult how much money a single flow.

if we have traffic, then as long as his price is right, then we can sell, this is a profit model.

we ask what they put in the main advertising, how much is the purchase price, then we know their terminal, then we go to contact the terminal, take the same model, we stand up in the purchase flow, this is the profit pattern is two, the success of complex agents.

if we find the terminal operators, is the product of advertising investors, they are also profitable, or product agent or other, it is belong to the 2 stage of the development of the terminal network, that can be replicated, then we can imitate his products to profit. This is a copy of the success of the advertising operators.

any paid advertising investment, are profitable, these three characters, certainly can replicate the success of the first two characters, so usually when we are visiting some advertisements, are then separated from their advice, three roles, and then determine the copy.

we do the network, not rely on others to teach us some skills to base, but to learn some thinking mode, some find profit model skills and copy the success of others.

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