Amazon platform Chinese cottage flooding there are many terrible vulnerabilities

[Abstract] technology Tencent CNBC before the author pointed out that the United States Amazon’s largest e-commerce website has been advocating the concept of the supremacy of users. But because they do not pay attention to product quality issues, Amazon’s electronic business platform is gradually becoming a stronghold of the distribution of cottage products. The following is the summary of the article:

Amazon is trying to promote next week’s Day 100 thousand (Prime), the company will be on this day to the Amazon Gold members to provide more than a special deal. Like other services launched by Amazon, the "gold medal day" will be a gold medal for its members.

but for Jamie ·, such as (Jamie Whaley), such as the long term Amazon sellers, they did not celebrate the golden membership day upcoming mood.

, a licensed nurse, started selling goods on Amazon’s website three years ago, and now has annual sales of $700 thousand. Hui Li sells a patented product called "BedBand", which is made up of a set of shock absorbing ropes, clamps, and locks designed to hold sheets.

Hui Li and her husband, originally from the Amazon website selling the product, the few people interested. Later, this product is priced at $13.99 daily sales reached 200 units. In 2013, BedBand has climbed to the top 200 of Amazon’s best-selling home kitchen products.

to the middle of 2015, the business is in trouble. As revenues fell by half, the company was forced to cut 8 employees. Her bed was a large group of fastener products from China plagiarism, which forced the price down Huei Li Lu, in response to the threat of China copycat products.

"we need to compete with anyone," said Hui Li, who moved his family from Texas to montana. "When someone tries to copy our products, it’s a completely different story."

Hui Li is now 90% of revenue from Amazon, but she is trying to bring traffic to their website, or other retail platform partner sites. Hui Li has lost all faith in amazon.

took some time to figure out the Amazon sellers and the narrative began to sound like the norm. Amazon has become the world’s largest flea market in the pursuit of becoming a low-cost supplier of all of the world’s goods, full of chaos, disorder, and unlimited inventory.

Amazon sellers have said that fakes in the Amazon site has been there. But in the Amazon China manufacturers will open courtship, they closely with Amazon’s vast logistics business together, the problem began in this year. Businesses will never know who or what events will likely reduce their sales on a particular day, or how long it will take to crack down on counterfeiters.


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