The acquisition of the domain name of the record industry record

      sina science and technology news first Chinese music community in June 18, 2007 ushered in four years old birthday. The site also revised for the decibel network, the acquisition of new domain name also launched. Allegedly, the acquisition of the domain name to 5 million yuan price record of the acquisition of the Internet industry domain name.

for the revision and replacement of the domain name, fenbei said: "the US spending huge sums to acquire the domain name industry, some of my friends have said do not understand that such behavior is no place to spend the money upstart to do, but we believe that a simple and easy to remember domain name and user generated more easily resonance. The first Chinese music community although the change of domain name and identity, but the service had never changed, but closer to the user, to the user as the basic, simple domain memory and is convenient for the user login, more directly the performance of our continued development in the Chinese music field determination. As for the price may be a bit expensive, but we feel that if it is spent on the user’s body, the value of."

The famous

digital music observers Zhang Zhiyuan told reporters, in the past, create new entertainment only a few famous musicians, because of limited production, the annual launch of new songs in 3000 to 5000, the new album number 300 to 500, and now in 163888, every day there are 30000 songs in the non-stop birth a. From the village of "northeast people are living Lei Feng" to the "mouse love rice" has been in the limelight, the hundred flowers are now that digital music is still in the bud, but in the future there are more broad space.

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