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Internet (China Electronic Commerce Research Center) agriculture is not industry, agricultural electricity supplier is also different from the industrial electricity supplier. Although fresh is referred to as the last electric blue ocean, but the blank on the special rules of industry knowledge and practice based on the simple copy of ordinary mode of electricity providers to do fresh pioneer enterprises, will eventually "pioneer become martyrs", suffered tragic ending let people sadly sigh in early 2013, especially in Beijing "the excellent dish network for transfer and" Shanghai "day delicacy matches" was sold as a symbol. By the end of 2013, a "China 3000 agricultural products almost no electricity supplier a profit," the article once again triggered intense discussion on fresh electricity supplier, although there are not The whole army was wiped out. but there are profit makers, but the overall keep going by painstaking effort cannot be denied.

three difficult dilemma

in fact, the electricity supplier of agricultural products, especially fresh electricity supplier, more is looks beautiful, almost no doubt that the prospects for the electricity supplier of agricultural products, but its lack of understanding of the special difficulties. Fresh electricity supplier has three major difficulties:

is a logistics system very suck, high cost. Other things may be the Internet to sell cheap, but agricultural products are expensive, because agricultural products have to eat every day, and difficult to be stored for a long time, a single purchase amount is small, the cost of logistics and distribution problem is very prominent, some fresh naive to the common vegetable market competition, the result can only be frustrated.

two is very difficult to control product quality. Agricultural products are not industrial goods, a machine, a mold can produce a standardized product, but plant natural production, will inevitably result in standardization is very difficult, more vulnerable to the industry no natural risk effect, continuous supply of products is also a problem. Because of the prominent regional characteristics of agricultural products, the formation of a variety of extremely rich face and the actual supply of products can be extremely monotonous contradictions. There are stored in the storage process, more headaches, loss rate is amazing.

three is difficult to operate mode and positioning. Organic products, the source control cost is very high; engage in pure B2C, only the logistics cost can be overwhelmed by the enterprise; the rich for white-collar groups, trust is difficult to pass and so on.

at the same time, the emergence of some vertical fresh electricity supplier has been Born Under A Bad Sign, platform’s, and now the platform has been too much, when those big electricity providers who have entered the field of fresh burn, lasting war and electricity providers simply can not afford to fight a vicious competition, only halfway.

reality shows that fresh electricity supplier looks like a beautiful prairie, but in fact it is full of swamps, easy to fall, you need to be careful to walk.

three stages of exploration

look at the history of fresh electricity supplier, can be divided into three stages of the exploration process, the continuous accumulation of fresh electricity supplier operating experience, paving the way for a mature business model.

The first phase of

and the market

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