A Jingdong’s Tai Chi Tmall VS

whether you hit monkey, leopard boxing, tiger or bear boxing, can’t resist the calm for users, for businesses, for partners silently dedication to value "Tai Chi" is a



/ Zhuang Shuai (100, 100 consulting founder read agency)

remember the double 11 trademark war last year? It is the final image Chinese business groups crazy, you Changba me play, very lively. But this year, as if the rest of Jingdong and Ali, the two battle.

from the beginning of 2005, Ma Yun Taobao and Tmall (formerly Taobao mall) through the capital and a strong public relations means defeated many powerful competitors, in fact, precisely as competitors disappointing failure. This process so we seem to have witnessed the Ma is a Tai Chi Master, slow push gently, the master have injured collapses! Even if the Shanghai municipal government are rich, Ma did not echocardiography, determined to stay in Hangzhou, the Hangzhou municipal government made the difference for him up the statue……


2015 double 11 is particularly different, as the "Tai Chi" master Ma seemed very impatient, while the Tmall headquarters moved to Beijing in 2013 to engage in the exchange, like the "Penguin" rushed to the Antarctic to general, this is to "take a telescope can not find opponents home competitors" the provocation, the opponent, we are also very clear is the rise of the Jingdong, Ali actually not to air recycling 10 Jingdong! How should the United just share swap Su well field "Beijing campaign" will most of the Beijing subway, outdoor advertising almost won, with Tmall’s advertising this is obviously not, "Tai Chi" is "impatient" seems to have little obsessed


does not know the world changes quickly, the marketing campaign is no longer the media is king, especially in the mobile Internet era, when we are Jingdong knead the sweat when the tricycle and trucks filled with running Jingdong owned all the logistics brush "to speed up, don’t go," the catwalk "want cheap, don’t play trick, Maobu + tricky, this simple four words will be all included in the bag, the Jingdong no longer need with a big horn everywhere call me quickly, I really genuine low-cost logistics, looked hard send fast brother, the familiar figure and the two slightly humorous tone, let me feel" Yi Tai Chi master "leisure step, no matter how aggressive marketing campaign are easy to resolve, people will have to pick up the mobile phone, the tricycle truck full of humor, people can not help but smile photographs of the sun to friends Ring, sent to the WeChat group, a time There were many discussions. Tmall in the subway and outdoor that couldn’t be more conventional ads disappeared in the crowd in a hurry to depart at the mobile phone, not many people are concerned, as if playing a monkey, leopard boxing, was finally pushed slightly and then collapses, ridiculous and pathetic……

Jingdong’s reason why it can not be urgent marketing

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