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today, the government platform to embrace the Internet plus enthusiasm has more than meeting content and leadership trip, batch guide and encourage Internet financial preferential policies are waiting for once in the crevice of flash turn maneuvers "mutual gold elite". Inclusive financial platform, etc. the quality and safety of the property is subject to government hitherto unknown favor, headquartered in Beijing, Xinhua Finance has been the new format for editorial Pathfinder, local government and finance, to have platform of Internet financial innovation project, made a demonstration to promote the healthy development of mutual fund industry.



property, to the "new style" was written into the "Xinhua News Agency" for a particular level of leadership to see

since the line, property, a positive response to the national regulatory policies, through the multi-level risk control model innovation, integrity, transparency, strict self-discipline, standardize operation platform, security measures for many years has been walking in front of regulatory policy. By virtue of the brand credibility and reputation in the industry, precipitation, wealth in the past few years by the government in favor of the platform, and reached a number of cooperation with the government platform, make "financial inclusion" standard answer "".

2015 August, fortune, with "new format" Pathfinder "by the Xinhua News Agency published a report". Choi, chief risk officer Li Chong to use the Internet thinking, in the traditional financial derivative business of new formats, by industry wide attention. The Xinhua News Agency "as" sponsored by Xinhua News Agency for a particular level of leadership to see reference publications, and to the leaders of the central and local levels to provide an important channel for the internal situation of the. Financial innovation, economic industry also obtained the relevant leaders must.

in November of the same year, Li Chong accepted the interview again "Xinhua room", on the Internet Financial users trust the integrity of the building filled short board topics with friends dialogue.


interview Li Chong said: Internet banking industry in the past two years of rapid development, but also exposed a lot of risks. On the one hand, the Internet financial industry to respond to the national innovation and entrepreneurship strategy, but innovation must have boundaries, not blind development. At present, the country is to encourage innovation and development of Internet banking, but the current situation of the industry as a whole has a great challenge to the existing regulatory framework. How to continue the development of this industry, the most important aspects are: first, to moderate innovation supervision. Two is to strengthen the construction of good faith. Three is to strengthen the financial industry ecosystem."


property, since the on-line two years, always uphold the business philosophy of legality, safe and transparent, focus on financial asset trading platform, including the government adhere to the platform of credit assets of small enterprises, the quality of credit assets, bank assets as the core business platform, so the money cat products safer, more products, standardization and scale. Li Chong also said in an interview, Choi, has proposed "Ten City billion" plan, it is in the next two.

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